September 19, 2022

MultiversX Releases - Welcome

Changelog for builders

This initiative stands out as a promise that incomplete documentation will stop being a thing on our improvement list. Documentation will be at the heart of our development, so that newcomers will be able to use our tools and infrastructure without having to put too much effort into searching for what they need.

We want it to also be a connection point for the entire community, where everyone will be able to contribute directly on each documented release. Hand in hand with the changelog, we’ve already started (for quite some time now) working on bringing our docs in better shape. So, as you can see, at the base of our developer community we will have 4 pillars:

  • Documentation (new developers getting up to speed);
  • Changelog (all developers keep track of releases);
  • Community of developers (builders);
  • Elrond Team (support for builders);
  • Many other perks on our roadmap (we will announce them when the time will come).

We know that every time we ship something, it is important for everybody else to be aware of **what's new** and how this impacts their work.

The home for our builders community

We know it is a burden to find answers scanning Telegram groups, that's why we are opening the Discussions on Github. Ask questions, share ideas, build connections, comment on code, discover the best solutions highlighted by other community members, everything shared in a common place with the MultiversX team. We've also launched a Discord Server only for builders.

Keep an eye on what we're building! Stay curious!