Rust SC Framework and Rust Testing Framework

Developer Tools
Smart Contract Testing
Smart Contract Development
Core Builders


The most complete smart contract framework on MultiversX that covers:

  • The base framework;
  • A complete build system, which relies on the smart contract code directly;
  • A powerful debugger, based on a partial implementation of the MultiversX VM, in Rust.
  • A framework for writing both black-box and white-box tests. They rely on the standard MultiversX blockchain scenario format.
  • The official data serializer and deserializer for smart contract data. Can be used both on- and off-chain.

Comes also with a large collection of smart contract examples and feature tests, together with some of the core smart contracts used on the blockchain (e.g. the wrapped egld swap, multisig, etc.). Also a framework for interacting with the blockchain, based on the smart contract logic, especially suitable for developers can be found among with a code snippet generator.