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Many investors follow trends, we anticipate them


We back startups that build things we'd love to work on if we had more time.

​We backup founders because we are founders, so we understand the position deeply. With that we focus on aligning ourselves with the team, adding value wherever possible, and providing support through the process.

We invest in blockchain networks, crypto companies, cryptocurrencies, tokens and Web3 services based on innovative technology, market adoption, and real use cases. We perform deep technological diligence, we compile code, do security audits, run nodes, and more.  We invest either early or at their inflection point. We like startups primed for hyper-scale via deep innovation and product excellence.

​It is not the idea that matters, it is the choosing and staying committed to an idea for the long term that matters most. Our goal is to serve our entrepreneurs through the process, building close, personal, relationships along the journey. We're very selective and turn-down 98% of the dealflow that we see. We are stage-agnostic, but prefer early-stage (pre-seed, seed, and Series A).

What we look for in startups: long-term defensibility at-scale, ideally with strong network effects or high switching costs, one or more unfair advantages, a well thought-out distribution model, and attractive economics, ideally with recurring revenue.

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