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Financial super app for everything money, complete with debit cards. Crypto to cash in seconds.


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xPortal is the ultimate financial super app for everything money, complete with debit cards, so you can go from crypto to cash in seconds.

Buy, sell, stake, and swap crypto cross-chain, from your non-custodial wallet. Spend it with your debit card.

Discover an ecosystem of dApps to explore web3 while having fun with interactive quests. Earn prizes from mystery boxes and engage with out-of-this-world AR experiences together with your friends.

Yes, it’s safe and essentially unhackable when protected by our innovative on-chain 2FA solution which we call “Guardians”.

There is no free money. But, money can be freed. That is why xPortal is on its way to becoming the only financial super app you’ll ever need — a limitless playground for digital finance, where money meets freedom.

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