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DeFi Ecosystem for funding and development of Entertainment in web 3.0 on MultiversX.


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DEMIOURGOS.HOLDINGS™ is an umbrella companydesigned to open multiple child companies that operateindividually in various film and media industry segments.

Such as Cinema Sales & Distribution, Film Studios, FilmProduction, Film Post Production, Film Rental, etc. Each ofthe child companies will be owned in a proportion of 50%by DEMIOURGOS.HOLDINGS™ and 50% by MultiversXCommunity through NFT & smart contracts participationin the funding.Our vision is scalable, just like MultiversX Blockchain. Weare sharing 50% of everything we do with the MultiversXCommunity. That is a passive income from real-worldassets & business, made possible with investment fromintelligent contracts with MultiversX Blockchain.

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