February 2, 2024
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Connecting Innovation with Funding Opportunities: Introducing the Startup Demo Day

Announcing the Startup Demo Day on February 13th, 17:00 CET, an online event in collaboration with STORM Partners, enabling selected startups to showcase their products and potential to a global audience of investors.

Demo Day: The next Web3 success stories

The first in a series of upcoming similar events, Startup Demo Day will provide the right setup for emerging and promising companies, from Pre-seed to Series A rounds, to scale their innovating efforts by garnering crucial backing.

Organized by STORM Partners’ Finance & Fundraising Department, it will bring together multiple disruptive startups and curated elite investors, from leading VCs to hedge fund management companies, and from investment arms to angel investors. 

As official media partners, Cointelegraph and BTC-ECHO will provide coverage across the blockchain ecosystem, bringing additional exposure to the event and participants.

What to expect

Startup Demo Day will offer an exclusive platform in an online environment where MultiversX startups get to meet potential investors, advisors and partners. This is an important opportunity that can really put them on the map, growing into industry household names.

Investors joining the event will have the chance to get in front of ambitious founders, hear their stories and see how the future is being written on MultiversX. They will be able to discuss further cooperation and lead investments in companies with high market potential across multiple verticals, such as DeFi, tooling and the Metaverse.

Builders will present their vision, the problems they solve and what makes their product special, while engaging directly with investors. By fostering meaningful connections, startups are greatly improving their prospects of securing valuable partnerships and support, while exploring potential avenues for accelerating their growth.

Participating startups

Some of the startups that will showcase the products they’ve built, alongside their value proposition, are:

  • AI Nexus - Free and configurable virtual space and the first Metaverse blueprint for creators, advertisers and brands
  • DeFi Builder - No-Code dApp Builder for token contracts and more
  • Giants Village - Fully on-chain Web3 farming simulation game that allows players to collect and trade while building the Giants’ world together
  • JewelSwap - DeFi protocol offering Leveraged Yield Farming, Dual-Token Liquid Staking and NFT Lending
  • Knights of Cathena - Turn-based tactics, multiplayer, blockchain game for mobile and desktop.
  • Lunar Pay - Payment solution that enables businesses and individuals to improve their token operations and create various payment agreements

With a proven track record, most of the participating projects have won the first prize in their respective tracks at the xDay Hackathon, selected by the jury, from over 150 competing startups from all over the world. 

The full list of the startups that will be presenting their offering during Startup Demo Day can be found on the official page of the event:

Book your free spot

As an investor, this is the moment to get a bird’s-eye-view of multiple startup ideas and innovations, streamlining the identification of potential investment opportunities.

Register for free on the dedicated website and get ready to discover the teams making waves in the Web3 space.*

* As the number of tickets is limited, their allocation is solely at the discretion of the organizing team. The selected participants will receive an official invitation per email.

The full list of the startups that will be presenting their offering during Startup Demo Day can be found on the same page.

We’re already planning the second edition of the Startup Demo Day. Founders who want their projects to be featured can complete and submit the following form:

About STORM Partners:

STORM Partners is a premier all-in-one professional services provider within the dynamic blockchain industry. Its expertise spans the global landscape of Web3, collaborating with a diverse spectrum of businesses and brands – from nimble startups and pre-IDOs to flourishing scale-ups and established global organizations.

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February 2, 2024
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