February 3, 2024
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2 Ways to Code and Win at the MultiversX Hub Denver: $2,000 Onboarding Challenge & $20,000 Main Challenge

Got a Thirst for Code and Beer? Jump Into Our Onboarding Challenge for MultiversX!

Denver's known for its stunning views and craft beer, but at ETHDenver, we're adding code to the mix! Kick off your technical adventure with our onboarding challenges and tap into a $2,000 prize pool—because who says you can't mix fun with programming? Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  • Pack Your Gear: Your laptop should be as ready for action as you are
  • Set Up Camp: A GitHub account is your basecamp; make sure it's established.
  • Tool Up: VSCode and NodeJS are your techy tackle box. Have them at the ready.
  • Jump Through Challenges: From booting up the playground to deploying smart contracts, your coding skills could lead to your next round of Denver's beers.

🏆 Rewards: Conquer the coding challenges checkpoints and the beer's on us (sort of).

The beer plan:

To win a share of the $2,000 prize pool in our onboarding challenge at ETHDenver, participants must navigate through a series of engaging and instructive checkpoints. Each checkpoint is designed to build upon the last, guiding you through the essential stages of blockchain development on the MultiversX stack. Here's what you need to conquer:

Checkpoint 1: Dive Into MultiversX

  • General Introduction: Start your journey with an overview of the MultiversX SDKs, the playground, and set the stage for what you'll achieve in this workshop.
  • Setting Up the Playground: Get hands-on guidance to prepare your development environment, ensuring you're fully equipped to bring your ideas to life.
  • Smart Contracts Creation: Learn the basics of smart contract development with direct support from MultiversX mentors, laying the foundation for your blockchain project.
  • Building and Testing Contracts: Engage in a practical session where you'll build and debug your first smart contracts.

Checkpoint 2: Deploy and Interact

  • Deploying the Contracts: Take the leap by deploying your smart contracts to testnet, learning the ins and outs of making your code live.
  • Post Deployment: Explore the functionalities of your deployed contracts, using snippets to interact with them and understand their real-world potential applications.
  • aApp Deployment and Interaction: Extend your skills by creating a front-end dApp interface to interact with your smart contracts, making your project user-friendly.
  • Ask for support: MultiversX mentors will be around to help you through your quest. Easy-peasy.

Checkpoint 3: Innovate and Pitch

  • Brainstorm Session: Collaborate in a brainstorming session to identify real-world problems that can be solved with MultiversX blockchain technology.
  • Pitch Preparation: Dedicate time to refine your ideas, preparing a pitch that clearly communicates the potential impact and innovation of your project.

Checkpoint 4: Showcase Your Vision

  • Pitch Submission & Voting: The final stage where you'll submit your project. This is your moment to shine and demonstrate how your solution stands out in terms of innovation, feasibility, and utility.

What Comes Next?

The beer journey doesn't end here. The most innovative and impactful ideas will not only win a share of the $2,000 prize pool, but also receive an exclusive invitation to participate in our next hackathon event. This upcoming event will be announced during ETHDenver, offering another platform to showcase your idea, refine your project, and connect with the Multiverse. Simple math: pass the 4 checkpoints and submit your idea. You’re all set up for a cold beer!

Register here to be a part of the Onboarding Challenge:

Dreaming of conquering Denver? We will help you! Aim for the $20,000 Main Challenge!

If you are a seasoned developer, and you want to conquer the Rocky Mountains, we’ve got you!

In the heart of Denver, where the air is crisp, and the ideas soar high, we invite you to leave a mark on Denver’s Multiverse. This challenge is more than just coding; it's about creating a masterpiece that becomes indispensable at ETHDenver and hopefully any other similar conference. Picture this:

  • Gather Your Crew: Up to 6 members ready to code their way to the top.
  • Harness the Power of MultiversX: Your canvas is the blockchain. Create something extraordinary.
  • Innovate it or not: Be it revolutionizing payments used around conferences, trading NFTs as business cards, or creating unmatched networking opportunities set to act as a snowball through the community, your project should echo through the halls of the Main Event starting the very next day.
  • Win the Hearts of Denver: The project that captures the imagination and usage of the most attendees wins. Real engagement, real impact, real accolades.

🏆 The Bounty: $20,000 in EGLD and a place in the books of ETHDenver history. The winning team will be celebrated like local legends, with their innovation becoming a cornerstone of the MultiversX community narrative.

Register here to be a part of the Main Challenge:

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February 3, 2024
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