April 30, 2024
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Builders Spotlight: PlayFi Integrates MultiversX For Plug & Play Web3 Gaming Experiences

We, as an industry, barely scratched the surface of the potential number of users interacting on-chain. Hence, the perpetual ‘we're still early’ trademark.

While replacing current frameworks from the ground up with pure Web3 stacks is usually the default proposition, there's also an opportunity in trying to bring improvements and new benefits by extension - perhaps even more compelling for mainstream acceptance.

Today we are spotlighting the work of a new ecosystem team tackling adoption a bit differently. PlayFi is building an infrastructure based on trustless and transparent ZK machine learning models, meant to subtly connect the world’s most popular games to blockchain-enabled experiences.

With this approach, players can enjoy the games they like as they are used to, while being able to interact with new and optional on-chain modes that are augmented on top, enriching the experience without disrupting the normal gameplay. Some examples include provably fair peer-to-peer competitions, esports tournaments, digital asset marketplaces and predictive markets.

Using the PlayFi toolsets, Web3 developers can build gaming applications that address the mass market, by being compatible directly with playgrounds totaling billions of people. 

Their solution is actively under development on the testnet with a production estimate timeline in the coming months. MultiversX is the first non-EVM chain on which they're expanding, with high interest shown towards innovating on top of our network smart accounts, native assets and sovereign chains.

About PlayFi

PlayFi is a low-cost modern zk EVM chain that runs alongside an efficient decentralized edge network. The protocol combines data and infrastructure to enable rich experiences to be built on top of existing mass market games – across every platform. PlayFi combines the utility of data storage ecosystems like Filecoin, and oracle protocols like Chainlink into the first blockchain built for mass market gaming.

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Dan Voicu
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Dan Voicu
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April 30, 2024
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