December 21, 2022
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Kavarii Unleashes The Internet-Scale Creator Ecosystem, Shaping The Web3 Social Network Experience

15 years ago, Facebook was just a social network for college students, Twitter didn't even exist and Youtube was present in only 9 countries.

Now, with the internet reaching roughly 5B people, over 93% of them are social media users.

The exponential growth has sent a really strong signal for the need to have direct communication channels with the world outside of our physical and time limits.

What's interesting to think about is what would those mediums of social interaction look like with blockchain super-powers?

With every act of expressivity taking the form of tokens, and information related to our social profiles starting to be stored in our wallet accounts, our footprint becomes our asset.

In this way we could move freely between platforms while retaining our profiles, data, content, followers, and so on, meaning that platforms would no longer be siloed islands, but part of a global pool of features users can enjoy unconstrained.

Shifting to such an open environment would unlock a massive wave of innovation, as well as new opportunities with the revenue being shared between network participants.

MultiversX is perfectly suited for these use cases, being carbon negative, highly performant and cost-effective, and there are already community builders trying to disrupt this field.

One of them is Kavarii, whose team is leveraging our network capabilities to build a decentralized Youtube-like platform.

On top of using Smart Contract and NFT technology for the video creation process, they are also implementing a token economy to engage both creators and content consumers.

Their platform is already in the beta stage and can be accessed by anyone via

The Kavarii team is eager to hear feedback from community members and iterate upon your suggestions.

It's time to regain ownership over our creativity.

About Kavarii

Kavarii is designed to be a Social Economic Platform that promotes freedom of speech while being censorship resistant. They are building the platform from the ground up ensuring decentralization and full ownership for the creator but also focusing on equal opportunity for the creators that are just starting out, enabling them to start earning from their first uploaded video while also rewarding the users for being part of the platform.

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Daniel Serb
Head of Business Development
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Daniel Serb
Head of Business Development
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December 21, 2022
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