February 1, 2024
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MultiversX US 🇺🇸 Hub: Tapping into the World’s Largest Web3 Dev Market

The spring starts with a sprint. Developers from all over the world have made a tradition to take over Denver for several years now, in what has become a premier gathering of Web3 developers.

To help bridge the huge concentration of builders and the most advanced blockchain architecture, we are hosting an ETHDenver side event, packed with learning paths that help developers migrate to our ecosystem, a coding challenge, and meaningful collaboration opportunities with peers: the MultiversX Hub Denver 🇺🇸.

This is the second global outreach effort in the series, after our significant expansion in Asia with the Seoul Hub, which attracted many new developers in the community. DeFi, gaming and NFT ecosystem projects also engaged with major partners present such as Ledger and Tencent Cloud, and other tech companies and investors from the broader Web3 space.

4 days. Engines are on for the US

Spanning over 4 days, from February 26th to 29th, the MultiversX Hub Denver will be hosted at as an ETHDenver side-event at the Asterisk venue in the Mile High City downtown.

MultiversX will host several keynotes and multiple technical panels in parallel with the main event sessions happening at ETHDenver, together with partners and ecosystem projects that will be gradually revealed on the event landing page, which also includes the agenda.

Brought to you in collaboration with Encode, the global community of tech developers and professionals and one of the main partners we had at the xDay Hackathon:

Onboarding the global developer community

ETHDenver gathers thousands of developers from all over the world, with 6,000 individual hackathon participants joining the 2023 edition alone.

It’s the perfect opportunity for this amazing talent pool to get familiar with the MultiversX tech stack and explore a new building paradigm that is abstracting the underlying complexity while already powering a vibrant ecosystem spread across multiple verticals, from DeFi to AI and Metaverse gaming & experiences, as well as NFTs, dev tools, mobile apps and many more.

The MultiversX Coding Challenge, prize pool and funding prospects

The best way for builders to truly discover how MultiversX can power their products is by rapidly onboarding them via a compelling, interactive and rewarding coding challenge.

At the end of the coding challenge, the MultiversX team will select the 20 most impactful contributions that will share a prize pool of $2,000 paid in $EGLD.

By joining the challenge, all participants will have access to exciting opportunities for their career in Web3, and will be notified in advance about future MultiversX hackathons and other initiatives where they can get involved.

The MultiversX Denver Hub will be attended by renowned industry figures and investors, always on the hunt for the next big thing.

These networking opportunities are extremely important for developers, as securing funding, finding a lifelong co-founder or establishing significant collaborations can be just a conversation away.

How to join?

Whether you’re looking to join the MultiversX Coding Challenge or attend the MultiversX Hub Denver, there’s a limited number of available seats, so hurry up!

Make sure to fill in this registration form to reserve your FREE spot now:

About Encode

Encode Club is a leading Web3 education community. Its mission is to help ambitious, talented people achieve personal and professional goals together in Web3. Encode does this through organizing high-quality programmes including hackathons, coding bootcamps, educational workshops, and accelerators in partnership with the leading blockchain protocols. Once participating in the programming, they help people get hired through the dedicated recruitment arm or receive investment through the investment fund.

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February 1, 2024
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