February 16, 2024
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MultiversX Development Partners For Accelerated Market Launch And Core Business Focus

The experience of building on MultiversX has become better and better over the years. Open source building blocks and tools, as well as the emergence of dev-focused communities, are now streamlining the development process.

This has facilitated the emergence of on-demand development services to projects exploring the MultiversX infrastructure. These solutions instantly unlock access to specialized expertise at scale, helping streamline the Web3 development process for enterprises, institutions, businesses and startups across multiple industries and verticals, leading to reduced overhead and, ultimately, faster time-to-market and better use of resources. 

For the MultiversX ecosystem, it translates into growth acceleration and the potential of a wider range of use cases the community can access.

Here's a roundup of 10 of the industry-leading dev partners with extensive experience in building on MultiversX who are providing various services and technical support in the ecosystem:

Boosty Labs provides a complete suite of services including outsourcing, outstaffing, and consulting, with a focus on cutting-edge solutions in Web3, Blockchain, Fintech, AI, and Cloud technologies. The company's clients include some of the biggest blockchain projects, such as Ledger, Consensys,, Storj Labs, Bloom Protocol, NEM, Elixir, NEAR Protocol and others.

Deeply connected within the MultiversX ecosystem, Buidly has helped kick-start over 10 projects with services such as SC development, dApp development, Web3 consulting and more. Its most visible projects have been the integration of Umbrella Network’s oracle solution on MultiversX, DustConverter and Burnify. Two upcoming Sovereign Shard projects are also in the works, namely Midas, introducing a decentralized economy, and OneFinity focused on EVM compatibility, enabling a seamless transition from Ethereum to MultiversX.

4soft has delivered blockchain integrations for over 100 businesses, with many of them reaching the VC-funding stage and cumulating $60+ millions in raises. They describe themselves as agile and customer-centric, “ready to roll in just two weeks from the first hello”.

As a blockchain tech hub, Rather Labs has helped tens of startups and enterprises design, develop and deploy Web3 products. Its expertise spans exchanges, DeFi protocols, smart contract development, and algorithmic trading engines. With projects ranging from DeFi and AI to Metaverse and blockchain audits, the company was behind the successful launch of Hatom on MultiversX, continuing to be involved in its development and support.

Webisoft has extended its offering to MultiversX. Its highly experienced team of software developers are more than eager to help ecosystem projects with smart contract creation, troubleshooting bugs, code reviews, dApp development, infrastructure development, on-chain indexing solutions, or any other software-related need.

Its 3 areas of focus, investment, ecosystem development and research, make Astrarizon a uniquely positioned company. It has supported PulsarMoney, the payment infrastructure built on MultiversX, among other ecosystem developments, while also providing in-depth Research Papers for both Ta-da and Hatom, two of the most recent xLaunchpad projects.

Bloxico was founded in 2018 with the goal of assisting early-startups and enterprises in turning any vision into reality and currently gathers a team of 100+ highly skilled professionals. The company has been ranked 9th in The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe list.

Syndika, the world's first Web3, Web2, and AI syndicate, offering full-scale support to startups, corporates, and initiatives, covers a wide range of services: tech assistance (from consultancy and research to Web2 and Web3 development and related services); economics services, including economic research, economic modeling, tokenomics, AI/ML, etc.; and venture-building activities, from hands-on evaluation and planning to holistic support for funding, founders, and business development.

Neti-Soft is a team of 40+ engineers specialized in Solidity, Rust, Substrate, and Hyperledger that helped build apps, bridges, and many other components that can be spotted in a blockchain ecosystem. CTO-as-service is one of the many ways they are ready to help MultiversX projects. 

GiantsLabs provides a wide range of services and has extensive experience building products on MultiversX. SC development, auditing, blockchain integrations and dApp development, to name a few services, have been coupled with a strong attention to the UI/UX design part. That means that GiantsLabs can help both Web2 and Web3 teams from the ground up in every aspect of the development process. Its portfolio includes CoinDrip, xDevHub, MyERD and the highly popular Giants Village Web3 game.

Developers can combine efforts with other developers. Creatives can start building on-chain without the technical-know-how. Previously unused bandwidth can now help the ecosystem grow even further.

Many useful ecosystem applications are already the productive result of these kinds of collaborations. Here’s a more comprehensive list* of the companies offering external services on MultiversX, including auditing, marketing or design:

*The list is still a work in progress, missing projects are encouraged to apply to be displayed

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February 16, 2024
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