November 16, 2023
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MultiversX Creative Engine, the Ultimate Web3 Creator Superwave

The creative energy within the MultiversX community and ecosystem is remarkably strong and vibrant. To harness it and accelerate its impact, we are initiating a special challenge that aims to empower Web3 content creators in the same way that the xDay Hackathon has done for developers.

The MultiversX Creative Engine is the most important meeting point for established and aspiring Web3 content creators. Its simple and streamlined approach incentivizes digital educators, influencers and creative artists to share in the wealth of ideas, content and resources within the MultiversX ecosystem.

Each MultiversX Creative Engine sprint will span one month, allowing ample time for creators of all skill levels to participate.

Add your own flavor and optimize content to go viral.

There is so much content on MultiversX, most of it long form. This means that you have the opportunity to take existing videos, optimize them for short form viewing habits and share it with the community and beyond.

Choose the topic and format that you want to create your video in, as long as it fits well with the MultiversX brand and the topic is still relevant when you publish your content.

Eligible content to be repurposed:

  • Town hall/community/builder session videos
  • Podcasts/interviews with MultiversX core team members
  • xDay livestreams
  • MultiversX content from social media (and associated brands/ecosystem projects), blog, other official communication channels
  • Articles in established media outlets
  • Content from ecosystem projects, including demos, gameplay or promotional videos

How does it work?

You will have the chance to participate in the MultiversX Creative Engine each month.

To do so, simply submit your content to the MultiversX Creative Engine form ( and your submission will be officially part of that respective sprint, if it meets the criteria from both the Submission and Judging guidelines below.

While this is planned as an ongoing process, we will announce any changes, iterations or the conclusion of the MultiversX Creative Engine campaign by updating this post.

Submission guidelines

Only short form content (between 15 and 60 seconds) shared on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and Twitter is eligible.

Each distinct video you create needs to be submitted individually, except for content you publish on multiple platforms. If you decide to share the same video on TikTok, Instagram Reels and/or YouTube Shorts, you can include all links at once.

Content submitted during one sprint cannot be resubmitted, even if it was reposted, or if it was posted on a different platform.

Eligible submissions must use #MultiversX and #EGLD in the title and/or in the description. Submissions with captions translated into other languages are eligible.

A viral threshold will be imposed to ensure a high level of quality and engagement. Minimum of views per video submitted per platform within the respective sprint to qualify for judging will be as follows: TikTok — 50,000, Instagram Reels & YouTube Shorts — 20,000, Twitter — 10,000. Views cannot be cumulated between platforms.

If not enough or no videos meet the viral threshold, the deferred prizes will carry forward to the next sprint.

Winners will be announced on the MultiversX Twitter page ( up to 7 days after the sprint has concluded. Prizes will be allocated up to 7 days after the announcement to the wallet address included in the submission.

Participants who have not included a wallet address in their winning submission will have to DM it to the MultiversX Twitter.

Judging criteria

We encourage the creation of creative and thoughtful videos.

Videos that have a low resolution, use low quality or not relevant AI generated content, contain watermarks or are in any other way not compliant with our submission guidelines will not be considered for judging.

Engagement metrics, such as likes, shares, comments, as well as adherence to the MultiversX brand and message, will also factor in the final decision.


Each MultiversX Creative Engine sprint has a prize pool of 200 EGLD, shared between 10 winners. Important note: a submission cannot win more than 20 EGLD.

As mentioned above, if not enough/no videos will be awarded for a specific sprint, the remaining prize pool will carry forward to the next sprint. Furthermore, one participant can only win one prize per sprint.

First challenge

For the first challenge, submissions end on December 22nd, with winners and prize allocation to be announced by December 29th.


We are currently tweaking the concept of this challenge and will share updates in due time regarding next phases.

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