March 15, 2022
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Metabonding Has Arrived. Be Part Of The Web3 Community Superwave

The Metabonding section of the Maiar Exchange is now active. LKMEX deposits will be enabled soon - no need to rush, snapshots start in 24h+.

🔹 LKMEX deposits open now

🔹 LKMEX deposit snapshots start March 16 (tomorrow), 23:59 UTC

🔹 MEX farm: 1% early withdraw penalty temporarily disabled

🔸 $EGLD staking snapshots start today at 17:00 UTC

📅 First token claims on April 15

The next game changing projects to join the program will be announced over the next 4 weeks.

Be part of the Superwave. 🌊


How will EGLD snapshots work?

Snapshots of staked EGLD amounts will be taken daily. The average over 7 days will be used to determine your participation in Metabonding for that week.


  • EGLD delegated to a staking provider
  • EGLD actively delegated in "Delegate (Legacy)"
  • EGLD staked as a Validator

Not Eligible:

  • EGLD in the "Delegate (Legacy)" waiting list
  • EGLD provided as liquidity on the Maiar DEX
  • EGLD on exchanges or freely available (not staked) in any wallet

How will LKMEX snapshots work?

You will need to deposit LKMEX specifically for Metabonding. Snapshots of the amount of LKMEX deposited in the Metabonding product will be taken daily. The average over 7 days will be used to determine your participation in Metabonding for that week.

Withdrawing LKMEX from Metabonding has an associated 48-72h (current epoch + next 2 epochs) unbonding period, during which the amount currently being withdrawn is not considered for snapshots.


  • LKMEX deposited in Metabonding

Not Eligible:

  • LKMEX staked in the MEX Farm
  • LKMEX deposited as liquidity in EGLD/MEX
  • Freely available LKMEX
  • LKMEX unbonding after being withdrawn from Metabonding

How will I be able to claim Metabonding rewards?

Claims will start on April 15. You will be able to claim tokens from all participating projects, proportional to your staked EGLD and deposited LKMEX. New tokens become available for claiming every 7 days. There is a 4 week time limit for claiming rewards.

Important note: the Metabonding parameters can be further adapted to feedback and context

Metabonding is a fresh concept. In order to maximize its utility, we will consider implementing updates for its parameters based on feedback and new insights, so this innovative concept has the maximum possible value for community members and the entire Elrond ecosystem.

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Beniamin Mincu
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March 15, 2022
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