September 14, 2021
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The Maiar DeFi Wallet: A Powerful Web Extension For Internet-Scale DeFi

All the components for a global financial system that operates at internet scale are in place.
The Elrond protocol is capable of the throughput required by the next billion people.
The Maiar App is on its way to onboarding them.
The Maiar Exchange economic engine is ready to be battle-tested.

To light the fuse for internet-scale DeFi, we are thrilled to introduce the Maiar DeFi Wallet - a web extension for Chrome, Brave and other Chromium browsers - that acts as a companion for Elrond dApps!

The Maiar DeFi Wallet can host multiple Elrond wallets and quickly swap between them, to send and receive EGLD and ESDT tokens, as well as sign transactions for DeFi products, such as the Maiar Exchange.

Product Positioning

The Maiar App is intended to seamlessly onboard new crypto users and offer them core features, such as fiat on-ramps, sending & receiving, staking, logging in with a QR code and signing messages. It is also the perfect companion for experiencing DeFi products on the go.

The Elrond Web Wallet is intended as a full-featured rich desktop client. It does everything the Maiar App can do, and has a lot more features on top, such as richer dashboards, more information, access to special events and more login options, all displayed in a beautiful interface tailored for large screens.

The Maiar DeFi Wallet is a lightweight version of the Elrond Web Wallet that reduces the number of steps and time required for users to interact with Elrond dApps.

By simply clicking the appropriate button on a web extension pop-up, instead of picking up their phone or loging in repeatedly, a power DeFi user can significantly accelerate their interaction with decentralized products. They thus gain an edge when trading, farming, or even interacting with games and other Elrond dApps that will all be able to integrate the Maiar DeFi Wallet.

In addition, the Maiar DeFi Wallet allows importing multiple different wallets and connecting to different networks, such as mainnet, testnet or devnet. For convenience, you only need to input the password once, as a login. You can securely swap between multiple wallets and sign messages or transfer funds, without having to login again.

Maiar DeFi Wallet security

The web extension only stores the cryptographic hashes relevant to the imported wallets, which can exclusively work with a secure password that only you know.

The Maiar DeFi Wallet has been audited by security professionals, passed the Chrome Store verifications and was intensely tested by the internal team and a private round of DeFi experts.

As an extra precaution, we are releasing the extension with the restriction of connecting to the testnet and devnet, to conduct heavy public testing before finally going live with the mainnet version.

Install And Use The Maiar DeFi Wallet

You can only install the Maiar DeFi Wallet as a Chrome extension on a laptop or desktop PC. It is not available for mobile devices, nor is it needed - you have your Maiar App for that.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Add to Chrome” and confirm the pop-up
  3. Find it in the 🧩 menu to the top right. Click on 📌 to pin it to the extension bar
  1. You can either Create a new wallet, or import the Secret Phrase (24 words) of an existing one
  2. Choose a strong password

You can then use the different sections of the wallets, as follows:

🔁 Send & Receive EGLD and Tokens, and view the most recent transactions.

💲 Check your account balances and directly send any of the available tokens

⚙ Add or remove wallets, change passwords, and of course, switch between 💡 and 🌙 mode.

The perfect avenue for testing the Maiar DeFi Wallet is the public test version of the Maiar Exchange. Go to and Connect using the Maiar DeFi Wallet option. Make sure to use the Elrond Devnet network.

Battle Of Yields Participants

Mobile wizards are encouraged to keep using their Maiar App. Laptop rogues and Desktop warriors should at least give a try to the Maiar DeFi Wallet. Make sure to select the Elrond Testnet.

You can import the secret phrase of your Battle of Yields wallet address into the extension. Beware of scammers offering you support with your secret phrase. Nobody will contact you directly to offer support for the Maiar DeFi Wallet, there is no site where you can "validate" it or the Secret Phrase - keep it top secret!

Have fun and reach out to us on our official channels to tell us what you think about the Maiar DeFi Wallet!

Download the extension:

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Lucian Mincu
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September 14, 2021
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