June 1, 2023
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Jungle DEX merged into xExchange

The blockchain space knows MultiversX for its innovative implementation of ESDT, the standard that allows tokens to operate at the same scalability, performance and inexpensive costs as the native EGLD.

This quantum leap in efficiency and performance is largely driven by its storage model, tokens being attached directly to accounts instead of being assigned to smart contracts and relying on the Virtual Machine execution environment.

In addition to improvements in transfers, it also allows users to create new token economies with zero technical knowledge, opening the experimentation playground to everyone.

As much as it invites innovation, the streamlined token creation process had to be guided in the ecosystem bootstrapping phase in order to avoid wrong-headed & destructive behaviors.

Hence the approvals required from our side on swap enablement for pools created on xExchange, which changes now as the ecosystem is maturing and users get a sense of responsibility and awareness over all possibilities.

xExchange and Jungle DEX: What’s changing?

  1. The first and perhaps the most impactful change: Jungle DEX, together with its already created pools and automated and permissionless listing process for USDC pairs migrates to xExchange
  2. The Jungle DEX website will remain active with a redirect to xExchange
  3. The Experimental term will be repurposed and will act as an umbrella term, covering all new pools coming from Jungle DEX, as well as the ones already present in xExchange’s Experimental section
  4. Importing contracts for each individual pool will no longer be required as users will be able to gain access to the entire suite of Experimental pools by simply toggling on a 🧪 button
  5. Listing requirements and the automated process for USDC pairs are being kept: branded token & $1,000 liquidity threshold to enable swaps (by the token creator)
  6. All changes apply to the xExchange version available in the xPortal dApp Hub as well
  7. Work on transitioning toward a permissionless listing process for EGLD pairs is also underway, with a tentative ETA of a few weeks

With the merge, projects having pools on Jungle DEX take a significant step, becoming available and gaining visibility to a much larger user base, including presence in the xPortal dApp Hub.

An unprecedented wave of innovation is coming, fueled by permissionless access to new markets.

It’s time to welcome it, with caution.

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Lucian Mincu
Co-founder & CIO

Lucian Mincu, co-founder and CIO of MultiversX, is a self-taught tech prodigy, previously engineer at Uhrenwerk 24, Cetto, and Liebl Systems. and co-founder & CTO of MetaChain Capital. His ability to navigate complex challenges and carve out solutions is nothing short of extraordinary, making him a driving force behind the success of MultiversX.

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Author Profile Picture
Lucian Mincu
Co-founder & CIO
Published on
June 1, 2023
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