April 27, 2022
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Itheum Trading Has Started On The Maiar DEX! Up To 1000% APR Boosted Rewards Are Now LIVE

The exciting debut of the Itheum token economy in the Elrond ecosystem is entering the most exciting stage: trading starts and the boosted farm rewards are enabled.

Here are some of the things you should know about trading and the 7 days rewards bonus.

ITHEUM trading

In the first 24 hours of trading, swaps on the EGLD/ITHEUM pair will result in tokens that are time-locked until May 01, 16:00 UTC

Price Discovery tokens - the tokens that you bought by participating in the price discovery process - are locked until April 30, 16:00 UTC, and thus can’t be traded.


Locked tokens, either from Price Discovery or swaps in the first 24 hours, can be used to add liquidity, in any combination.

This is great for people who want to grab ITHEUM and join the 7 days of boosted farm rewards, of up to 1000% LKMEX or up to 100% MEX.

Itheum has added the entire provision of 25,000,000 ITHEUM tokens as liquidity, as follows:

  • 12,500,000 ITHEUM tokens (first half of the provision) were deposited in Price Discovery, resulting in 73,560 lkEGLD
  • The resulting 73,560 lkEGLD, together with 12,500,000 ITHEUM (the second half of the provision) were deposited as liquidity

Important: the resulting LP tokens will NOT be staked into the farms, thus enabling the community to fully enjoy the farm rewards.


Staking LP tokens into the EGLD/ITHEUM Farm will yield increased rewards for 7 days, which will start on April 27, 16:00 UTC and will last until May 04, 15:59 UTC.

The starting rewards will be as follows:

  • ±1000% APR for LKMEX rewards
  • ±100% APR for MEX rewards

To achieve this, the issuance rate has been adjusted as follows:

  • 125,000 MEX/block for the LKMEX farm
  • 2,000 MEX/block for the MEX farm

The APR will be variable, depending on the amount of LP tokens staked. The initial values were calculated relative to the value locked in the EGLD/ITHEUM Farm on April 27, 15:00 UTC - 1 hour before the rewards have been enabled.

The boosted rewards come from the Ecosystem pool, which was specially created to support new product launches and other similar measures.

The rewards will be distributed by increasing the MEX issuance as described above, so as to fit with the 7 days boost program. This issuance will then be brought back to normal after the 7 day period ends.

An amount of MEX tokens that is equivalent to the distributed rewards will be burnt from the Ecosystem pool, to keep the overall balance as per the MEX tokenomics and issuance schedule.

Trading & Farming Begins

We’re extremely excited about Itheum’s journey in the Elrond ecosystem. It started with a spectacular debut on the Maiar Launchpad, followed by a very smooth price discovery process and liquidity provision.

Now it’s time to trade and enjoy farming rewards.

Start here:

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April 27, 2022
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