April 27, 2022
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Join The Genesis Of The Web3 Data Economy And Stack Rewards With ITHEUM Metastaking

The data-driven economy will introduce new income streams that will allow participants who contribute value to earn in creative new ways. Metastaking is a novel product that already enables that for those who are part of launching new token economies on the Maiar DEX.

We are excited to announce that Metastaking will be enabled for Itheum! Providers of liquidity in the EGLD/ITHEUM pool will thus gain a third income stream: ITHEUM rewards, which comes in addition to liquidity provider fees and farm MEX/LKMEX rewards.

As a result, Metastaking participants can tap into both the up to 1000% APR farm rewards in the first 7 days, and the ITHEUM staking rewards of up to 30% APR in the first 12 months.

Here’s what you need to do to participate in Metastaking and stack rewards:

Important: the Metastaking smart contract can't work with the Locked versions of ITHEUM and EGLD. So only liquidity added with unlocked EGLD and unlocked ITHEUM is eligible for Metastaking.

Add EGLD/ITHEUM liquidity

Add liquidity using unlocked EGLD and ITHEUM.

By doing so, you start earning LP fees as rewards: 0.25% of the value of each swap are distributed proportionally to all liquidity providers.


The next income stream is unlocked by staking the EGLD/ITHEUM LP tokens, received from the step above, in the EGLD/ITHEUM farm.

This will earn you up to 1000% APR LKMEX rewards, or up to 100% APR MEX rewards, in the first 7 days.

Stake EGLD/ITHEUM Farm tokens in Metastaking

The third income stream is unlocked by staking your farm positions from the previous step into Metastasking.

This will earn you up to 30% APR ITHEUM rewards, in the first 12 months, from the amount of ITHEUM deposited in step 1.

Important things to know about ITHEUM Metastaking

  • Metastaking deposits will be enabled at ±16:30 UTC
  • Only liquidity provided with unlocked EGLD AND unlocked ITHEUM is eligible for the additional Metastaking rewards
  • Liquidity provided with either locked EGLD and/or locked ITHEUM is not eligible for the additional Metastaking rewards, but can participate in the boosted 1000% Farm APR
  • ITHEUM rewards are already enabled and are being distributed to those who already stake ITHEUM tokens (“regular” staking)
  • A total of 25,500,000 ITHEUM tokens have been pooled for these rewards
  • When unstaking from Metastaking, the ITHEUM tokens will be available after a 10 days unbonding period

Check this Metastaking video-guide by Carpathian Staking, that covers the end-to-end process described above in an easy to follow format. The example includes RIDE tokens, but the principles are the same:


You can learn more about Metastaking here:

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April 27, 2022
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