September 2, 2022
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Introducing Inspire: The Web3 Culture Hub

Ever since the dawn of mankind, we have been trying to come up with new creative ways to express ourselves.

And as the internet has come into existence, alive and rapidly evolving, almost everything built upon it has been reimagined and reshaped, apart from a few hard problems, including provenance of ownership, transfers of value and creator royalties, which were pending for the evolutionary ladder.

Blockchain technology, as the missing prerequisite, has brought forth the trustless and programmable infrastructure that allowed us to move forward.

A powerful transition that will unlock enormous possibilities is about to unfold

Throughout the Elrond Network, a thriving community of artists, collectors, and builders has created a new creativity-driven cultural ecosystem.

To further fuel Web3 creativity and accelerate the expansion of the ecosystem, we are introducing Inspire, the ultimate connection point for the entire Elrond NFT space.

As a web-based culture hub that also has several components integrated into the Maiar App, Inspire has been designed to sit at the central space of the ecosystem, bringing together the key components that will supercharge and elevate it to the next level.

Expanding the NFT frontiers

Gathering bits and turning them into human-readable data is harder than most think, but thanks to the ESDT token standard, NFTs are attached directly to accounts instead of being recorded in smart contracts.

This unique property not only allows us to easily gather every NFT that has ever been minted on the Elrond Network and display them into a single place but also gives users true ownership of assets, which implies stronger legal & personal implications.

Make sense of the vast NFT space sailing through collections with the help of the Explore section to find exactly what you are looking for.

Unfragmented Creativity

The vibrant Elrond NFT ecosystem has been built entirely by our passionate community. While the rapid expansion and the increasing number of NFT related products within the community is a powerful sign, the fragmentation of users and liquidity across those is an issue that is not only accentuating over time but also holds the ecosystem back from reaching its full potential.

To solve and turn it into an actual boost for each collection and platform, we are implementing a marketplace aggregator to display all ecosystem marketplaces listings into Inspire.

This will transform Inspire into the ultimate connection point for NFT passionates and allow users to dive into untapped markets, greatly enhance the accessibility for each collection, and increase outreach and influx of resources for ecosystem marketplaces, as the fees from each NFT sale conducted through our platform are still received by them.

The aggregator module launches with two of the biggest NFT marketplaces on the Elrond network by volume, XOXNO & DEADRARE, and the next weeks will bring rapid iteration cycles, further opening access to new ecosystem marketplaces among other additions.


A breakthrough moment for blockchain technology’s adoption curve has come along with the expansion of new niches that lowered the entry barriers for non tech-native people. NFTs enabled more people to experiment with the technology and seize opportunities that normally require a lot of research and understanding behind.

We are again at a similar inflection point, but this time the scene is taken by businesses.

With the introduction of Metaspaces, a ready to use and separate, customizable, marketplace template with top-notch Inspire experience, bringing together all its key features and functionalities, opens a new door and enables all brands and businesses to have their own private marketplace integrated with ease directly into their websites. This, perhaps more than anything, creates a new value proposition for the entire space.

Kicking off this new growth playground, the powerful utility of Metaspaces module will first feature the ElrondApes collection, with some of the most important projects in the ecosystem to be onboarded in the following period.

Web3 Feed

The social layer built on top of Inspire opens a world of personalized experiences. Users can customize their Web3 profiles, or import them directly from the Maiar App.

By following other collectors or creators, everyone can build a personalized feed and get relevant insights by keeping up with what others do on Web3, such as mintings, buys, and social interactions.

The Web3 Feed channels all the creative energy in the Elrond NFT ecosystem and elevates the experience of browsing the ecosystem to a personal and curated one.

Maiar Mobile Experience

The combination of convenience, security and feature-rich experiences make the Maiar App the perfect home for on-the-go access to core elements of Inspire.

This will enable intuitive and seamless access to Inspire, empowering collectors and digital artists with uninterrupted experience.

With the whole NFT world at their fingertips, users can browse what’s hot on Inspire and manage their collections with ease while also having access to the social layer and follow their favorite creators to build a personalized feed.

In-app notifications will also be updated to include Inspire activities so that users will receive notifications related to their feed, personal bids, auctions, and overall marketplace activity.

Unlocking the potential of NFTs

There are many innovative pioneers in the community, whose contributions played a pivotal role in the expansion of the ecosystem and continue to do so.

Amongst them, XOXNO, DeadRare, FrameIT, helped build a solid foundation upon which the Elrond NFT space evolved, enabling both creators and collectors a space where they can leverage the disruptive properties of blockchain technology to express themselves.

Instead of a marketplace in its own right, Inspire comes as a complement for these existing platforms, an aid in expanding their scope and amplifying their reach throughout the sphere.

Welcome to the Web3 Culture Hub

It might take time, but Inspire will open a new phase for sharing ideas and economic upside within communities all around the world. Connecting new internet-scale Web3 culture and NFT creation tools, with some of the most creative artists and passionate builders around the world, cannot go unnoticed.

In fact, we may be experiencing a paradigm shift. A subtle new power enables us to create new experiences and new art forms. How fast things will progress, and how deep the impact will go, we’re just about to find out.

The Web3 culture hub is here!

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Beniamin Mincu
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September 2, 2022
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