June 5, 2023
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The HypergrowthX Marathon Begins With You. $40,000 Awareness Campaign

The tech, tools and products are ready. The battle plan is here.

Now we have a shared goal. Every step taken matters, and each of us can make a difference.

The #HypergrowthX begins with you.

Community, the driving force for change

With each new and even early release, protocol prototype, Battle of Nodes competitions, Maiar’s testing waves, Battle of Yields events – your feedback has been critical and used as a driver for improvement.

The next 30 days will unfold similarly, sharing thoughts and ideas with the aim to bring $EGLD & MultiversX as far and wide as possible.

This is your chance. To share your thoughts on what makes MultiversX special, distill the general message, have an impact, and get rewarded.

The MultiversX Hypergrowth Campaign

Today, we are kickstarting a 30-day a campaign around the #HypergrowthX marathon - a combined community effort spanning across Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram.

Regardless of your background and skills, we encourage everyone to raise awareness about MultiversX in general, its unique innovations, the upcoming exciting milestones presented in the hypergrowth battle-plan, and anything else you think would be of great value to the community. This will ignite a powerful momentum, and give you a chance to earn a share of a $40,000 $EGLD prize pool.

This is the right time to up the game and truly deliver some outstanding materials with your personal take on what MultiversX is all about. Leverage available materials and your unique knowledge, with the goal to help as many people discover what makes MultiversX stand out and take the global stage, as a network, community, and ecosystem.

We encourage you to be daring, imaginative, and in sync with the MultiversX ethos.

Mechanism and Eligibility

To take part in the MultiversX Hypergrowth Campaign, create your content and share it on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Reddit. Remember to tag us or use the hashtags #EGLD #MultiversX and #HypergrowthX. Then, submit the link to your content through our official submission form.

You can present your view in any form — a Twitter thread, a YouTube video, Reddit post or anything you think works better — it doesn’t matter as long as you use one of the six eligible platforms with the appropriate hashtags.

Important mention: Although they add great value and help us get closer to our goal, videos and articles that are simply reiterating information will score lower in our ranking, compared to materials bringing a personal touch and expanding the mix.


June 5th – Submissions open from 6PM, UTC.
July 4th – Submissions close at 9PM, UTC.
July 5th - 9th – Our team will review all submissions.
July 10th – Winners announcement


The total prize pool for the Hypergrowth Campaign is $40,000 in $EGLD, and it will be divided as follows:

Twitter Thread ($20,000 in $EGLD): 5 winners of $2,000 in EGLD each & 10 winners of $1,000 in EGLD each

YouTube Video* ($7,000 in $EGLD): 1 winner of $2,000 in EGLD & 5 winners of $1,000 in EGLD each

TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts ($5,000 in $EGLD): 10 winners of $500 in EGLD each

Reddit, Facebook Posts ($3,000 in $EGLD): 5 winners of $600 in EGLD each

Virality prize ($5,000 in $EGLD): 5 winners of $1,000 in EGLD each for the most viral submission, one for every eligible platform - Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Reddit and Instagram

Note: the YouTube Video submission has to be at least 5 minutes in length to be eligible

Useful Materials for Inspiration

More Than Currency: Blockchain as a Truth Machine -
Hypergrowth website:
MultiversX website:
xPortal website:

We welcome everyone to join in!

Ignite a spark, share your thoughts with the world, let them know about MultiversX, and capture exceptional rewards.

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June 5, 2023
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