July 15, 2022
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How To Thrive In The Cantina: The Web3 Elements Driving The NextGen Metaverse Arcade

Intuitive Free-to-Play mechanics make Cantina Royale easy to pick up. Explosive gameplay and gorgeous graphics make it hard to put down. Thoughtful character progression and compelling Play-to-Earn stack excitement on top of each new match.

This is how Cantina Royale is carving a straightforward path for the next billion gamers into the Metaverse.

The Web3 elements that will catalyze this transformation of the gaming landscape are implemented in a seamless manner. Even the most casual gamers will leverage this potential without having to know about the underlying technologies.

They don’t have to, because it’s simple: build characters, score wins, earn rewards. Reiterate to climb the ranks and dominate the scene.

Exploring New Frontiers For Character Development Via NFT Technology

The most valuable Cantina Royale characters are based on non-fungible tokens on the Elrond Network. Like in any regular game, they can be upgraded for better performance and their variety contributes to adding a personal touch.

In addition to playing them, NFT technology enables players to buy, sell, recruit or lend them to other players.

This opens a realm of new possibilities for gamers to explore.


One of the most appealing reasons to use an NFT character is the ability to earn rewards. Rewards are important for progressing to the end-game and building a stronger character by leveling up, unlocking new perks and equipping more powerful items.

Trade and Import

Like any NFTs, the Cantina Royale characters can be traded between players. In addition, the game offers the ‘Import’ functionality for partner NFT projects, such as the Elrond Apes, or soon the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, and others to follow.


Imagine building your character up for PvP. Then your friends invite you for a PvE raid. You put your PvP character in the lending marketplace and earn passive income from people who borrow it. You then borrow a character with strong PvE traits which allow you to earn more rewards from the raid.

Discover more about the NFT Lending Marketplace:


Existing characters can be used to recruit new characters. This will spawn a new NFT, that will be forever linked to the original NFT, and share a portion of its earnings with it, forever.

The Genesis Space Apes NFTs will receive a percentage of all the rewards earned by subsequent generations of NFT characters recruited from them. Think ‘great grandfathers’, earning a percentage of the earnings of their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on.

This is the unique superpower of the Genesis Space Apes, which can be found in the Mystery Boxes that can be won on the Maiar Launchpad.

Find out more about the recruitment mechanism:

Beyond Value: The CRT Token

The Free-to-Play mechanics of Cantina Royale will allow any number of players to simply pick up the game and start enjoying it. The CRT token expands the limit of what is possible inside the game via compelling incentives for playing, progressing and winning.

It unlocks in-game utilities like:

● Upgrade NFT Characters & Weapons

● Open Loot Box Rewards

● Unlock In-game Assets

● Recruiting

● Buying Contracts

And because owning a crypto wallet is not an easy task for the next billion gamers, Cantina Royale offers an in-game equivalent for the CRT token, called ‘Crowns’. Crowns and CRT tokens are interchangeable.

Crowns are in-game currency that any regular gamer is used to. Each new player that joins expands the Crowns-based economy of the game, which translates into growth for CRT through the inherent value capture mechanisms.

Together they achieve a balance between regular gamers, who can immediately enjoy the Play-to-Earn mechanics, and crypto enthusiasts, who can exert the options to buy in, cash out, and further leverage CRT tokens in the exciting DeFi landscape that will surround and complement the Cantina Royale.

CRT tokens can be won in the Maiar Launchpad lottery and will be soon available on the Maiar Exchange.

We are here early

The new horizons pioneered by the combination of nextgen gaming and Web3 technologies are ours to explore and expand.

Cantina Royale is the first in a new breed of games, experiences, and economies. Perhaps this will be the wave that will carry blockchain gaming outside of its current niche and into the mainstream.

Are you in?

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July 15, 2022
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