Jan 9, 2023 • 2 min read

MultiversX Core Products, Infrastructure And Documentation Are Migrating. New Domains Navigation Map.

Lucian Mincu
Lucian Mincu
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At X Day Paris, our flagship 2022 event, we’ve announced exciting new products, as well as a cohesive, ecosystem-wide upgrade & redesign of the existing ones. All of our core products, documentation and infrastructure have been or are in the process of being carefully repositioned to match the new scale and scope.

Aside from the forthcoming transformation awaiting every building block in terms of name, design, new functionalities and features in some cases, we are also looking to update the web domains through which users can access them.

This blogpost aims to serve as a go-to resource for the new or updated domain links that you can use to bookmark and safely access.

You can find the most relevant ones below, with the mention that, as our migrated products list grows, we will constantly update this list.

Previous Domain New Domain Description Official Website Github Repository MultiversX Blog AMM Exchange Mobile App Startup Accelerator Mainnet Explorer Testnet Explorer Devnet Explorer Mainnet WebWallet Testnet WebWallet Devnet WebWallet Mainnet Public API Testnet Public API Devnet Public API Delegation API Nodes Proxy API Instance Testnet Public Gateway Devnet Public Gateway

Step by step, once the migration process is finished and the suite of new products is live, blockchain utility will be significantly expanded and new worlds will emerge, interact and thrive together.

This is how a Multiverse to the power of X is born.