July 18, 2022
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Cantina Royale Is Listing On The Maiar Exchange! Join The Price Discovery And Gear Up For The Most Exciting Metaverse Arcade

The most exciting tactical shooter is about to take the Metaverse by storm. Gamers prepare to embark on epic adventures of conquest and plunder. Collectors are anxious to unlock their mystery boxes.

And all are ready to discover the starting point of the essential element that will set the rhythm of the relationship between gamers, collectors and other Cantina Royale enthusiasts: the CRT token.

Battle tested in the listing of Itheum, the previous Maiar Launchpad project, the Price Discovery mechanism will enable the CRT token to find its way towards all those who are interested, in a fair and balanced manner.


Who should join the CRT Price Discovery mechanism?

Price Discovery is designed to mitigate the volatility that is inherent to any new listings and to help align the interests of market participants without any incentives for speculators or bots. It offers advantages for buyers, sellers and long term supporters alike.

Buyers who want to grab a share of the tokens as early as possible - there are a lot of great reasons one would want to join Cantina Royale in their journey from the Maiar Launchpad towards the most exciting metaverse arcade. Joining in the price discovery phase can be a great opportunity to secure CRT tokens as early as possible, before even more people have a chance to understand its potential.

Sellers who want to protect their investment and allow more participants to join - if you are lucky enough to already own CRT tokens, you might want to recover some of your initial investment, while at the same time giving the opportunity for more people to own a piece of the Cantina Royale project and join you on your common mission of helping it become a success.

Liquidity Providers can deposit Regular and/or Locked tokens and get up to 1000% APR by staking LP tokens - smart DeFi actors will want to benefit from the excitement around a new hot token getting listed on the Maiar DEX. The reduced volatility will keep Impermanent Loss to a minimum, while interest around the trading start will still generate significant volume that LPs will want to grab as many of the resulting fees as possible. Better yet, staking LPs in the farm will yield up to 1000% APR in the first 7 days.

CRT Token Listing Schedule and Participation Instructions

The CRT token listing on the Maiar Exchange will be a process spanning over a few days, during which the market will be able to discover the token’s real value, and participants will be able to further use tokens obtained from the price discovery process in liquidity provision, farming and trading.

Detailed instructions are available in video format thanks to our talented partners from Carpathian Staking, who made a great explanation clip covering the process. Watch it here:

If you prefer written instructions, please find them below:

Go to and log in with your wallet containing the EGLD or CRT tokens you are looking to use in the Price Discovery process.

CRT Staking - July 18 16:00 UTC, rewards start 17:00 UTC

As an improvement on the first iteration of the Price Discovery mechanism, CRT staking will be made available immediately, and rewards will begin shortly after.

Staking CRT will yield up to 40% APR in the first month, and up to 25% APR in the following 11 months.

There will be a 10 days unbonding period for unstaking.

Price discovery July 19 16:00 UTC - July 20 16:00 UTC

Phase 1: Deposit & Free Withdraw July 19 16:00 UTC - July 20 08:00 UTC

The initial phase will allow everyone to deposit CRT and EGLD tokens. The price will reflect the deposited amounts. If participants decide to withdraw tokens, they can do so without any penalty.

Phase 2: Deposit & Up to 10% Penalty Withdraw July 20 08:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC

In this phase deposits are still possible. As sufficient time will have passed for the participants to indicate their intentions, a range of the final price becomes apparent. Participants who think this range is outside of their interest area can still withdraw, but at a penalty that increases over time up to 10% at 13:00 UTC

Phase 3: 10% Penalty Withdraw (No more deposits) July 20 12:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC

As the participants in the previous phase could make their decisions at a lower penalty, the range of the final price becomes even more clear. Deposits are no longer possible here and participants who chose to withdraw will incur a hefty penalty of 10%.

Claim Tokens & Add Liquidity & LP Staking July 20 16:00 UTC

This is the time when the Price Discovery mechanism ends, and the new CRT market price is known. The price will be calculated by the ratio of CRT to EGLD resulting from the amounts of tokens deposited in the price discovery smart contract. The CRT USD price will consider this ratio and the real time EGLD USD price.

Participants will now be able to Claim the tokens. Those who deposited EGLD will get locked CRT tokens. Those who deposited CRT will get locked EGLD tokens.

These locked tokens can be used to add liquidity, and then further to stake the resulting LP tokens into the CRT/EGLD farm, which will yield up to 1000% APR LKMEX rewards, or up to 100% APR MEX rewards, for a period of 7 days. Rewards will be enabled July 21, 16:00 UTC.

Swaps Enabled (Locked tokens) July 21 16:00 UTC - July 22 16:00 UTC

24 hours after the participants claim their tokens, deposit liquidity and stake their LPs, trading will begin. When swapping EGLD for CRT, traders will receive locked CRT, and vice versa.

Time locked tokens can’t be swapped (sold) but they can be used to add liquidity. They will unlock according to the following schedule:

Price Discovery tokens unlock July 23, 16:00 UTC
Tokens swapped in the first 24 hours after trading starts will unlock on July 24 16:00 UTC

Swaps (unlocked tokens) July 24 16:00 UTC & onwards

The CRT listing process will be completed and tokens can be fully unlocked. By then the token price movement should no longer be influenced by the excitement or speculation intentions around the initial listing, thus bringing the CRT token price at the value set by the market.


Why is there a time lock on the tokens resulting from Price Discovery and initial swaps?
Timelocking the tokens protects early market participants against speculators and bot operators who look to “buy low, sell high” in a short period of time.

What kind of tokens do I get during the Price Discovery phase?
Depositing EGLD and/or CRT in the Price Discovery phase returns a special metaESDT token, which has meta-data attached to it that indicates the amount of EGLD and CRT deposited. This is then burnt during the claim process, when the metadata amounts are used to compute the amount of tokens that can be claimed, factoring in the final price.

Can I trade the locked tokens from Price Discovery and Initial Swapping?
No, these tokens are not tradeable.

What happens to the penalties incurred to those who withdraw?
The penalties collected from those who withdraw early are distributed pro-rata towards the participants who remain in the price discovery until the end. These amounts do not influence the price, but are rather distributed as a bonus to participants.

Example: Assuming that 10,000 CRT are collected from all penalties, and that you deposited 1% of all the total EGLD from the price discovery, you will receive 100 CRT tokens as a bonus, on top of the CRT tokens you will get from depositing the EGLD. The same is valid for the EGLD collected from the penalties, which is distributed towards those who deposited CRT in the price discovery process.

What is the value of lockedEGLD and lockedCRT?
The locked version of the tokens retain a 1:1 value ratio to their unlocked pairs.

1 lockedEGLD = 1 EGLD. Unlocking 1 lockedEGLD will result in 1 EGLD
1 lockedCRT = 1 CRT. Unlocking 1 lockedCRT will result in 1 CRT

Can I add liquidity with lockedCRT and lockedEGLD?
Yes. “locked” means the tokens can’t be traded, but they can be used for adding liquidity at a 1:1 value ratio to the unlocked tokens.

What kind of rewards will I get for adding EGLD/CRT liquidity?
When adding liquidity you will start earning liquidity provider fees. These are equivalent to 0.25% of every trade, proportional to your participation in the liquidity pool.

If for example the 24h volume is 10,000 EGLD, 25 EGLD will be earned by liquidity providers. If you contributed 1% of the liquidity, 0.25 EGLD will be yours. This is just an example to illustrate the concept, the actual figures will vary.

In addition, if you stake your LP tokens in the EGLD/CRT farm, you can earn additional rewards. You can earn up to 1000% APR in LKMEX (locked MEX) and up to 100% APR in MEX (unlocked). You can choose the type of reward when staking the LP tokens into the farm.

What are the starting parameters for the initial EGLD/CRT liquidity?
The CRT tokenomics include provisions for liquidity, released on Day 1 as part of the Community tokens. Cantina Royale will use 15,000,000 CRT to provide liquidity on the Maiar DEX.

7,500,000 CRT - half of the amount - will be deposited in the Price Discovery phase. After this phase is over, the CRT deposit will be converted into lockedEGLD at the price discovered by the market.

This resulting lockedEGLD, together with 7,500,000 CRT tokens - the other half of the amount dedicated for providing liquidity on the Maiar DEX - will be deposited in the EGLD/CRT liquidity pool, thus consolidating the price discovered by the market and offering traders with a sufficient liquidity pool right from the start.

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