July 21, 2022
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From The Cargo Hold Into The Arena: How To Load Up On More Genesis Space Apes In The Cantina Royale IGO

The Genesis Space Apes are the first playable characters in Cantina Royale. They have the unique ability to earn a portion of all the rewards earned by the generations that follow them via the recruiting process.

The limited number of only 15,000 such characters might sound like bad news for the tens of thousands of people that already have the Metaverse arcade in their sights.

The good news is that only 5,000 Mystery Boxes have been distributed through the Maiar Launchpad event, and 4,776 more are still available.

Here’s how you can get some.

The Maiar Launchpad “CRTMBT” SFTs (semi-fungible tokens) were distributed to all participants in the Cantina Royale event.


Each of them is in one of three possible states:

  1. Bought an NFT ticket (Confirmed) and won (Won)
  2. Bough an NFT ticket (Confirmed) and did not win (Lost)
  3. Did not buy an NFT ticket (Not Confirmed)

This SFT will further be used in the Cantina Royale ecosystem, as follows:

  • The SFT “Confirmed Won” will be turned into a Mystery Box, to be revealed later on
  • All types of SFTs, “Confirmed” and “Not Confirmed”, can join the Cantina Royale IGO

IGO stands for Initial Game Offering, a means to distribute blockchain game elements to the community. Cantina Royale has been setting up such an event for their broader community, who took the chance to be whitelisted for joining the Mystery Box sale happening between July 19 16:00 UTC - July 21 12:00 UTC.

The great news for the Maiar Launchpad participants is that they are next in line for the Mystery Box sale. They will be able to get some boxes between July 21 16:00 UTC - July 23 16:00 UTC.

In order to be eligible, they need to hold a CRTMBT SFT with status Confirmed Lost, Won or Not Confirmed. Otherwise said, all Maiar Launchpad participants who bought an NFT Mystery Box lottery ticket have the chance of buying more Mystery Boxes, ahead of the Public phase of the IGO, happening between July 25 16:00 UTC - July 27 16:00 UTC.

Check out more details about the Cantina Royale IGO on their website:

Good luck!

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July 21, 2022
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