October 5, 2020
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An era of unparalleled opportunity: Beniamin Mincu & Richard Quest, CNN International Anchor

“What the internet did to communication, blockchain will do to value” - Beniamin Mincu

Not long ago Beniamin joined the Brand Minds business summit as a speaker. During the event, he sat down with Richard Quest to discuss blockchain and its opportunities.

Richard Quest is a journalist and a CNN International Anchor, recognizable anywhere on the globe for his “Quest Means Business” program, as well as a number of other CNN shows such as Business Traveller, The Express and Quest's World of Wonder.

He is no stranger to cryptocurrencies and guided the discussion around topics such as compatibility with the existing financial system, Elrond’s positioning vis-a-vis Facebook’s Libra or regular fintechs, blockchain anonymity, and more.

Richard was a great conversation partner with informed questions and great insights, and Beniamin did an awesome job bridging business mindsets to the bleeding-edge blockchain innovation space.

“I’m not sure I fully get it, but I do know it’s important, and you helped me understand it a great deal more than I did. Thank you, Beniamin.” - Richard Quest

This event was important for the visibility of blockchain in general and Elrond in particular. We do look forward to the next time when Beniamin sits down with Richard again and brings his audience more insights about the future of money.

You can watch the entire Brand Minds fire-side chat here:

We thank you all for your continued support.

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October 5, 2020
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