Monday, May 20, 2024

Release: Vega Patch 1 - v1.7.11

Activation Epoch

The activation epoch for version v1.7.11 is scheduled for epoch 1391 which will occur on on May 21st 2024, ~16:20 UTC.

Action Required: We invite all validators to update their nodes to version 1.7.11 by the specified date to ensure continued stability and performance of the network.


Given the nature of the release → Critical Upgrade (as it contains some bugfixes) as proposed on Agora, there is no need for a governance call.

The Governance call for Vega Release passed with 94.45% YES.

Important links:

Mainnet Config:

Github Link to Vega - v1.7.11:

Staking v4 documentation:

Release Agora Post:

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