Thursday, January 11, 2024

Release: Sirius Patch 2 - v1.6.11

To enhance the network's functionality and the validators experience, we are rolling out a new patch - v1.6.11.

Key Highlights of the Release:

  • Size and Scope: This release is relatively minor in scale but important for network stability.
  • Backward Compatibility: The upgrade is fully compatible with the existing v1.6.7.0 and v1.6.10 versions, ensuring a smooth transition with no disruptions if you already upgraded your nodes to v1.6.7 or v1.6.10.
  • Key Fixes:
  • VM 1.5 fix, that otherwise can panic the node in some extreme situations.

Activation Epoch:

  • No Separate Activation Epoch for 1.6.11: This patch does not require a specific activation epoch.
  • Reminder for 1.6.7 Activation: The activation epoch for version v1.6.7 is scheduled for epoch 1265, will occur as planned on January 16th, 2024, around 16:05 UTC.

Action Required: We invite all validators to update their nodes to version 1.6.11 by the specified date to ensure continued stability and performance of the network.

Mainnet Config:

Github Link:

Github Link to Sirius Patch - v1.6.10:

Github Link to Sirius - v1.6.7:

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