Friday, June 9, 2023

Optional Release: Polaris Patch - v1.4.18

Extra checks

We understand the significance of maintaining backward compatibility, therefore this release is 100% backward compatible with the previous version. All that we did was to add additional checks for specific fields in the transaction and smart contract result structure.

The impact of these checks is primarily on observers with the elastic indexer enabled. It is essential for them to upgrade their nodes to leverage the full benefits of this release. For validators and observers who are not indexing data in an Elasticsearch Cluster, this upgrade is optional but highly recommended.

Our commitment to providing you with seamless and efficient software remains unchanged. We encourage all eligible users to take advantage of this upgrade and unlock enhanced performance and functionality.

Github Release:

No Activation Epoch

There are no flags for this version. However, as reminded above the referenced binary addresses a small issue found when indexing data in the Elasticsearch database.

Mainnet config:

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