Thursday, December 21, 2023

Release: Notifier - mx-chain-notifier-go v1.2.2

WebSocket integration

With the new release, besides (old) HTTP integration for observer node → notifier (which will still work), there is also a new WebSocket integration available. Please check also docs on how to set the observer node → notifier connection Events Notifier.

  • for WS integration, a new config section has been added (#80)
  • make sure to align with observer node config for WS integration (Release v1.6.6.0);
  • there are also some notes on this on the docs Events Notifier.

HTTP integration

The (old) HTTP integration for observer node → notifier will continue to work, even though we plan to remove it in the next interactions.

Until now, there was only one integration available, and it was enabled implicitly. Now there was the need to add an additional field in config to specify which integration to be enabled. This way, an additional field has been added for ConnectorApi . In the new release, in the main config file, the field is set by default to true . Please make sure to sync with the latest config.

Other config changes

Another General section has been added to the main config file the default values should suffice. This section will also include CheckDuplicates field which has been set previously to ConnectorApi section, but now it was moved to General section.

CLI changes

An additional CLI flag --publisher-type has been added to replace old --api-type flag which had a misleading name.

  • The --api-type CLI flag would still work for now, but --publisher-type can be used instead.
  • The flag options also changed:
  • --api-type="rabbit-api" can be changed to --publisher-type="rabbitmq"
  • --api-type="notifier" can be changed to --publisher-type="ws"

They are having the same functionality, but --api-type flag will be deprecated in the future.

--api-type value           Deprecated: This flag specifies the api type, it defines the way in which it will expose the events. Options: rabbit-api | notifier (default: "notifier")
--publisher-type value     This flag specifies the publisher type, it defines the way in which it will expose the events. Options: rabbitmq | ws (default: "rabbitmq")

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