Thursday, December 22, 2022

Release: mx-sdk-py-cli - v3.0.0

BlockAtlas cleanup

BlockAtlas connects to nodes or explorer APIs of the blockchain and maps transaction data, account transaction history into a generic, easy to work with JSON format. The observer API watches the chain for new transactions an generates notifications by guids. Unfortunately this repo is no longer maintained, that’s why we decided to delete the BlockAtlas interaction from mxpy.

Deprecate *.wat and *.imports.json generation

Removed deprecated *.wat and *.imports.json generation because these steps have been recently included in the build pipeline of the rust framework:

[beta] Reproducible builds endpoint for mxpy cli

We’ve added a new endpoint called reproducible-build to erdpy cli. The purpose of this endpoint is to reproduce a previously built Smart Contract using a Docker image. The command can be used as:

mxpy contract reproducible-build [project-path] --contract=[contract-name]


IMPORTANT: Docker is a prerequisite, it won’t be installed by mxpy, you have to install it yourself!

[beta] Contract verify for mxpy cli

We’ve added a new endpoint to erdpy-contract-cli called verify that is experimental for now. This endpoint will interact with a service (work in progress, will be announced here when available). In short, the user will send (contractAddress + source code + docker image(built as described in the previous feature)) to the service in order to be checked if the locally(by the service) compiled source code of the contract is the same as the one deployed on the blockchain. So the service will build the contract and mark it as “checked” on the explorer if it matches.

Github Release Link: mx-sdk-py-cli v.3.0.0 .

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