Thursday, September 29, 2022

Release: mx-sdk-js - v11.1.0

Relayed transactions support

Golden rule:

'Users cannot interact with the MultiversX blockchain without holding and paying any EGLD.'

Given this rule, someone may ask: Should I hold EGLD when I am registering as a new user of a dApp on MultiversX? With relayed transactions the answer is no. All fees will be paid by the relayer (the one who creates the transaction with the data given by the user).

You may wonder why two versions and what differences a user may find between them?

We started with version 1 some time ago but version 2 comes with some improvements:

  • payload field is shorter which translates in smaller fees to be paid when sending the transaction;
  • eliminates the need of calculating the matching gas limit values between the relayed and inner transactions, calculus that had to be done with v1.

More specifications about relayed transactions can be found here.
More information about relayed transactions builders can be found on
If you want to deep dive into code here is the link to Github Release.

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