Monday, January 22, 2024

Release: mx-api-service - v1.4.0

Not long since our last hotfix, this release was planned for long. As already mentioned in the excerpt, the main features of this release are:

  • Update to NestJS 10 & nestjs-sdk 3.1.2;
  • because the API service didn't have an optimized endpoint that can return the pool of transactions, we:
  • added the /pool endpoint that can return the transactions pool by also using a cache warmer (configurable via flag) to continuously fetch the new transactions
  • added the /pool/:txHash endpoint that can return transaction pool details for a given txHash
  • added the /pool/count endpoint that can return total transactions pool
  • added new filters to be able to return specific transactions from pool ( sender, receiver, type )
  • given the changes from identities verification, we added support for identities extracted from the mx-assets project;

For other notable changes please check Github Release:

Overall, the v1.4.0 release of the mx-api-service represents a comprehensive effort to refine and extend its capabilities. The updates are indicative of a proactive approach to addressing user needs, improving service reliability, and staying ahead of the latest developments in blockchain technology. This release positions the mx-api-service as a more adaptable, robust, and feature-rich tool for blockchain developers and users.

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