Friday, November 24, 2023

Release: mx-api-service - v1.3.0

The v1.3.0 release of the mx-api-service incorporates a variety of enhancements and bug fixes that collectively improve the service's functionality and user experience. While the highlighted updates focus on significant features like node sync progress, Hatom tokens pricing and market capitalization, and sovereign chain support, other changes in the release also contribute significantly to the service's capabilities.

Enhanced Transaction Support

This release includes improved support for transaction processes. New entities and statuses for transactions were introduced, allowing users to obtain more detailed information about transaction states, such as success, failure, or pending statuses [#1091]. This feature enhances the transparency and traceability of transactions within the API service.

Token Functionality Improvements

Besides the inclusion of price and market cap for Hatom tokens [#1100], there were other important updates related to token management. This includes the addition of token account assets support [#1114], a feature that broadens the range of token types the service can handle, and improvements in token metadata handling, such as adding token timestamps [#1120] and recognizing specific token transaction types.

Smart Contract Enhancements

This release also introduces attributes to smart contract results, thereby providing more detailed information about smart contract executions. This is particularly useful for developers and users who interact with smart contracts through the API service [#1119].

Bug Fixes and Code Optimizations

Alongside new features, v1.3.0 addresses various bugs and optimizations. These include fixes in event topic handling [#1094], NFT URL trimming [#1099], and node sync progress [#1150], ensuring the overall stability and performance of the service. Code optimizations were also made, such as refactoring economics [#1129] and removing redundant API configurations, which contribute to the efficiency and maintainability of the service.

Infrastructure and Configuration Updates

Updates like adding new configurations for development networks and adjusting gateway settings demonstrate a focus on enhancing the service's infrastructure. These changes are essential for maintaining compatibility with evolving network requirements and user demands.

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Overall, the v1.3.0 release of the mx-api-service represents a comprehensive effort to refine and extend its capabilities. The updates are indicative of a proactive approach to addressing user needs, improving service reliability, and staying ahead of the latest developments in blockchain technology. This release positions the mx-api-service as a more adaptable, robust, and feature-rich tool for blockchain developers and users.

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