Thursday, October 13, 2022

Release: elrond-wasm - v0.36.0

EsdtTokenPayment legacy decode

Currently, EsdtTokenPayment contains 3 fields:

  1. token identifier
  2. token nonce
  3. balance

Historically, it used to contain 4 fields: a redundant token type + the ones reminded above.

There are still some old contracts that produce the old encoding among the DEX contracts. We wrote a deserialization method that also accepts the old encoding. For safety, it is not enabled by default, instead a feature flag needs to be added in the contract’s Cargo.toml file:


version = \"0.36.0\"

features = [\"esdt-token-payment-legacy-decode\"]

Developers who do not encounter this decoding issue directly, should ignore this feature.

FungibleTokenMapper caches the token identifier

This is a minor optimization of the storage mapper.

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