Thursday, November 16, 2023

Release: Altair Patch 4 - v1.5.15

Altair Patch 4

This subtle yet significant fix ensures smoother operation and compliance excluding the possibility of your nodes to be jailed:

  • Corrected return value in the MaxGasPriceSetGuardian method on the disabled fee handler.

Github link:

No activation epoch

This release does not contain an activation flag and is 100% compatible with v1.5.14.0. Even though this is an optional upgrade, we strongly recommend it.

Mainnet config:

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Voting for Sirius release

Please be advised that in Calendar Week 47, the Governance Portal will be made available. This will mark the commencement of the voting period for the Sirius Release Proposal. Full details will be provided upon the portal's release. We encourage everybody to prepare for the upcoming decision-making process.

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