Friday, August 4, 2023

Release: Altair Patch 1 - v1.5.12

Altair Patch 1

This release updates the new libp2p libraries to the newest versions.


Starting from this version, the node should be compiled with a go compiler not older than v1.20.5, or the code might not compile due to the constraints found in the libp2p libraries used. This is achieved by using the latest scripts

The node can now connect on the p2p level with another 3 transports besides the already used TCP: QUIC, WebSocket, and WebTransport.

Github link:

Activation epoch

There is 1 flag that will be enabled on epoch 1126 which is scheduled to happen on August 30th, 2023 ~15:45 UTC:

  • DeterministicSortOnValidatorsInfoEnableEpoch - will activate a deterministic sort on the assembled validators info in the miniblocks. This will prevent the validators from having different versions of miniblocks that contain the exact same information in the improbable situation when we might have 2 validator info structures for the same BLS public key.

Mainnet config:

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