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  • Our vision for MultiversX is to create an elegant and powerful expression for a positive, complementary, and perhaps even magical interplay between the physical world and the Metaverse world. One where both worlds are explored and expanded to their maximum potential, co-existing harmoniously, not as replacements but as significant complements. This is what we call the Multiverse. The power of X takes this idea to its outer limit, in scope, scale, variation, and richness. It speaks of the endless worlds we are about to create, and the boundless imagination, richness and variation we will play with.

  • During the next months, all Elrond products will be merged into the MultiversX ecosystem, transitioning to the new brand and positioning.

  • The merging will be gradual and the expected naming will be:

    Elrond Wallet ⤷ xWallet

    Maiar Launchpad ⤷ xLaunchpad

    Maiar Exchange ⤷ xExchange

    Inspire ⤷ xSpotlight

    Ad Astra bridge ⤷ xBridges

    Utrust ⤷ xMoney Crypto

    Twispay ⤷ xMoney Fiat

    xFabric, xPortal, and xWorlds are set to become the most exciting apps in the entire space.

    MultiversX (power to x) - The blockchain network and mother brand.

  • The Elrond network will continue to be the heart of the entire ecosystem, and will now expand and transform its name into MultiversX.

  • The eGold  EGLD token will be the centerpiece powering one of the most ambitious Metaverse ecosystems in the world, securing the network via staking, and enabling accessibility and value exchanges across all of its applications and worlds.