August 29, 2023
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How to get the most out of the xDay Hackathon!

The infrastructure layers and core building blocks are in place. This is what enables us now to be laser-focused on perhaps the ultimate missing piece of the industry: useful and high impact applications.

In this spirit, we are organizing our biggest hackathon yet in partnership with Encode and DoraHacks.

Its scope is to attract more talented people into the ecosystem, give guidance and support to novel applications and make it even simpler to build using our technology.

Before providing more details on how things will unfold, let’s do a quick overview for those who read about the hackathon for the first time.

xDay Hackathon Essentials In Brief

  • Registrations are open on until September 21th
  • 6 tracks: AI, DeFi, Payments, Infrastructure & Dev Tooling, Mobile Apps, Gaming & Metaverse
  • Hosted online, with a grand finale at xDay (presence is optional)
  • Timeline: September 21st - October 20th
  • Up to $1M in prizes and funding
  • Chat with other builders, find your teammates, get support from mentors and stay updated on our builders Discord server:
  • Dev resources: (1) (2)

The 21st of September is coming, what’s next

The xDay hackathon will be the ideal playground to learn, share, contribute and build for both veterans and new builders leveraging blockchain technology.

Following the kick-off ceremony on the 21st of September, we will run an extended series of engaging workshops on YouTube.

MultiversX will organize 14 of them, while our partners (TBA) will curate 5 others. There's something for everyone: SDKs, blockchain fundamentals, tools, and even requested topics from participants.

Also, tentatively in the second week, we will be holding 4 AMA sessions. They will offer the perfect chance to ask questions and delve deeper into the topics that interest you.

Obviously, it is not mandatory for you to attend them. You can start building your project right away.

We give you the tools and resources, 6 highly impactful fields are awaiting you

Spanning across the most relevant blockchain-powered verticals, the tracks that make the scope of this hackathon, totaling funding and prizes of up to $1M, are diverse and varied, allowing creativity to run wild.

The first 5 tracks are part of the Future of Technology journey organized in partnership with Encode, while the second journey, conducted in collaboration with Dorahacks, is hosting the last track, Gaming & Metaverse. You can submit your project to either of the following tracks:

1. a) Artificial Intelligence - Design, develop, and demonstrate a solution that complementarily utilizes both blockchain and AI, either for overcoming the new challenges introduced by the proliferation and technological advancement of AI tools, or by finding synergies between the two technologies to forge new paths.

1. b) DeFi - This track is an invitation to innovators to create the building blocks of the new internet economy. Each new DeFi product coming live on a public blockchain is immeasurably more powerful than traditional financial ones, as they stand to benefit from all the other apps in the ecosystem thanks to permissionless composability.

1. c) Infrastructure and Dev Tooling - Also known as the place dedicated to those who build for a strong foundation and believe that efficient tooling is essential for the evolution and accessibility of blockchain technology. We greatly appreciate any contribution that lowers the barrier to start building and improves the developer experience.

1. d) Payments - Blockchains are upgrading the financial system, with payments having perhaps the largest immediate impact and utility. Participants will harness the high throughput and inexpensive MultiversX network to craft transformative payment solutions.

1. e) Mobile Apps - As a general rule, and specifically for the MultiversX ecosystem, mobile devices are a preferred gateway to everything the digital space has to offer. So here you will have to bring blockchain opportunities in people’s pockets and at their fingers.

2. Gaming & Metvarse - Blockchain tech is capable of enhancing several important aspects of Gaming and virtual words, such as transparency, ownership or monetization. The combination of Web3 and Gaming is an excellent mix for creative experimentation. Submissions that bring a significant contribution and are useful for the nex-gen of digital experiences that make use of our blockchain network is what we are looking for.

Tips on how to get started and have a successful submission

  1. Team formation

Participants are encouraged to form teams and collaborate on projects. Here are some steps to consider:

a. Find Teammates: Connect to our Discord server ( to find like-minded individuals with complementary skills. We will also help in this regard by hosting 2 team formation sessions.

b. Choose a Track: Decide which track best suits your team's strengths and interests.

c. Register: Once you've assembled your team, make sure to register before the deadline.

d. Team Size:

  • Minimum: Participants can choose to work solo.
  • Maximum: Teams can have up to 6 members. Please ensure all team members are registered and have agreed to the terms and conditions of the hackathon.

e. Mentoring: If your team needs guidance or has questions during the hackathon, our mentors and developer community on Discord are available to assist. Whether you need technical advice, industry insights, or feedback on an idea, don't hesitate to ask them. We will be announcing a list of mentors in the coming days.

2. Best practices

a. Plan ahead: Have a brainstorming session with your team before the hackathon starts.

b. Start simple: Begin with an MVP (Minimum viable product). You can always expand on your idea.

c. Prio Tasks: break down your project into manageable tasks

d. Open Source and Document everything: regularly commit your code, write clear comments. This helps judges understand your progress and thought process.

e. Ask Questions: Don’t get stuck on a problem for too long. Get help from mentors and fellow builders, as well as the resources available to you.

f. Network: Engage with other participants, mentors and organizers. This hackathon is a great opportunity to bond and create friendships in the community and expand your network.

g. Ask for feedback: Iterative development is essential.

h. Prepare and practice your pitch: One of the requirements of the submission will be to prepare a presentation of your project. If you’ll be presenting your project, make sure to allocate time to practice. Clearly communicate the problem, solution and why your project stands out. Don’t forget about the presentation demo!

i. Have fun!

Granted Developer Tickets

Great news for participants! We're offering free xDay tickets to hackers. Not only for the on-site workshops and the grand finale, but for the entire experience. Here's how to get yours:

  • Submit your project through our online form after at least 2 weeks of development (the form will become available when the time comes)
  • Your project doesn't have to be completed, we accept work in progress github repos as long as the vision for the project is clear and within reach
  • Our team will review it and if it aligns with what we're looking for, you'll receive your ticket

Your time is now

The next amazons and googles of our time are perhaps one smart contract away. Thanks to MultiversX’s innovations, the path to killer applications with potential to improve the world is open to everyone.

Being tied to the xDay experience, the hackathon offers an opportunity beyond improving your skill set, learning about emerging technologies and receiving support for shipping apps.

The most valuable participants during the online hackathon will be invited to Bucharest, at the Palace of Parliament, between 19-21 October, for 3 days of workshops and meeting with fellow builders, government officials, founders, as well as discovering the MultiversX ecosystem at its core.

Come build with us.

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August 29, 2023
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