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Feb 16, 2023 • 1 min read

The Top Three Stablecoins By Market Valuation Are Now Available On MultiversX: USDT & BUSD Bridge Transfers Enabled In Ad Astra Portal

Lucian Mincu
Lucian Mincu 

The MultiversX mainnet now has two additional leading stablecoins available with the added support for USDT & BUSD in the Ad Astra Portal.

The integration is already live and the two Ethereum-based assets can be bridged over to our network, giving users direct access to MultiversX DeFi opportunities while allowing them at the same time to make use of the fast and inexpensive transfers of value enabled by our innovative infrastructure.

Originally launched in 2014, respectively 2019, USDT and BUSD are the first and third stablecoins by market capitalization, together amounting to more than 60% of the total stablecoin market share.

By focusing on driving innovation, adoption and growth within the MultiversX Ecosystem, bridging fees are now 50% lower ($25) for transfers to Ethereum. They remain unchanged ($0) for transfers from Ethereum to MultiversX.

To help users get started in their MultiversX journey, a 0.02 EGLD bonus will be provided to every user who bridges over a minimum of $75 USDT/BUSD.

Additionally, to enable even more users to benefit from the performance, scalability and unique capabilities of the MultiversX token standard, the minimum bridging limit has also been lowered to $10 (lowered from $2,500). This will allow a wider flow of assets and facilitate access for more users and developers to the MultiversX Network.

Achieving interoperability by opening access to our network via various blockchains is an important milestone on our roadmap, as it strongly increases the utility of EGLD with each added asset that requires it for transaction fees, and creates the need and possibility of new DeFi and real-world use cases.

Token details can be found on the MultiversX Explorer: