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Apr 21, 2022 • 2 min read

Boost Your Share In The New Web3 Data Economy

Beniamin Mincu
Beniamin Mincu
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The continuous digitization of assets, coupled with the value increase of data sets related to health, gaming, automation, markets or any other vertical, will soon make data one of the most significant asset classes.

In addition, the Metaverse is introducing a process that is somewhat the opposite of digitization, where data will have to be converted into virtual replicas of physical objects and environments,  making the next frontier of human evolution to be almost entirely made out of data.

Those two megatrends are likely to boost the value of the data asset class beyond any other, and perhaps beyond any of all the others combined.

Itheum is here to leverage the Web3 technologies that will allow true ownership of data at an internet-scale. The long term journey of building a new economy where value can be denominated as data and traded as such has just begun.

Powerful Mechanisms For Aligning Long Term Community Incentives

Soon, more people will be able to join Itheum on this journey via the token’s debut on the Maiar Exchange, which will be supported by Price Discovery. This novel mechanism has been designed as an additional opportunity for allowing more community members to join in a fair manner.

For them, and for those who already are a part of Itheum, Staking will be introduced as a powerful way to align the incentives of the Itheum community and project on the long term.

25,500,000 ITHEUM tokens will be committed by the team and will be distributed over the next 12 months towards those who want to be a part of the new Web3 data economy.

ITHEUM holders will be able to stake their tokens and get rewards of up to 30% APR, which they can further reinvest and compound over time.

Deposits will be open on April 21, 16:00 UTC. Rewards will start on April 22, 11:00 UTC, and will continue for 12 months.

Product. Community. Growth

It is essential that all the details about a Web3 startup debuting a new token economy are right from the beginning. These are critical steps towards securing a strong foundation for building Itheum. And building is about product.

With staking now in place and the debut of ITHEUM on the Maiar DEX, these first steps will have firmly anchored Itheum in a strong community that is committed for the long term.

So the focus can shift on the product.

And more community growth, the essential super power of successful Web3 startups.

Let’s go.