April 16, 2024
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AI Detection of MultiversX NFTs on X And Social Data Via Inspect

X (Twitter) departure from NFT support earlier this year has made room for blockchain native companies to step in, bring the functionality back and take it even further. The most popular product building on top of the previously paved way by the social giant has integrated MultiversX.

Dubbed as the ‘Layer 2 of X’, Inspect uses advanced AI technology to turn the social platform into a lively Web3 environment, now including our ecosystem as well.

Inspect browser extension users (link for it) are now able to recognize MultiversX PFP NFTs on their timeline, differentiated through a chain badge that can be clicked for extended information about the owner, sale history and other collection insights like all-time volume and number of holders.

Social related statistics are also aggregated by the research data tool and are displayed on the application dashboard for relevant market analysis such as:

  • How many people are talking (tweeting) about a certain collection
  • Number of holders within a collection using the NFTs as PFPs
  • Profile following structured on communities 
  • PFP moves between collections
  • Most active community members from a collection

Inspect is not only a tool for NFTs, but also for crypto, and recently stocks and equities. Real-time data about MultiversX can be seen directly on our official X account page through the Inspect button, active for plugin users.

Start showing the growth of your project to the 500,000 adopters of the analytics platform, or list your upcoming MultiversX mint, by getting in touch with the Inspect team here.

About Inspect

Inspect stands as the ultimate platform for navigating the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape, harnessing the capabilities of Web3 Social Intelligence. Powered by cutting-edge technology, Inspect offers seamless ways to engage with your cryptocurrency community, track community growth, and stay abreast of influential figures within the industry.

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Daniel Serb
Head of Business Development
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Daniel Serb
Head of Business Development
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April 16, 2024
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