July 10, 2023
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Unveiling the Champions: Celebrating the Success of the HypergrowthX Marathon

Set in motion by a new overarching philosophy, capable of shifting the entire blockchain conversation, the HypergrowthX Awareness Campaign captivated the attention, curiosity and creativity within the MultiversX community for the last 30 days. The creation marathon has involved the community in sharing educational content and spreading the word on the unique capabilities of the MultiversX network, economy, ecosystem and beyond.

The Campaign mobilized an impressive ecosystem-wide show of force between June 5th and July 4th, translating into remarkable amounts of high quality content published across the 6 eligible platforms: Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Reddit.

Over 760 submissions have been received from people all over the world, showcasing the profound interest brewing in our community and its deep understanding of the MultiversX tech stack and product suite.

The most popular platform among participants was Twitter, with over 300 submissions, followed by YouTube and TikTok, with over 130 each.

The educational effort sparked global interest, featuring quality content in English, Romanian, French, Spanish or Turkish, among others.

Given the large number, diversity and value brought by these submissions, selecting the best ones was not an easy task, but it was without a doubt an amazing opportunity to reassess the creative power driving our community.

Now that the winners have been determined, let’s revisit each category and go through the submissions that caught everyone’s attention.

Twitter Thread ($20,000 in $EGLD)

The 5 winners that will each get a prize of $2,000 in EGLD each are:

@AndreiMX_ -

@chessucation -

@DBCrypt0 -

@robolteanu -

@xFoudres -

The following 10 winners will get a prize of $1,000 in EGLD each:

@Davyegld -

@DefiVampire -

@DempseyNFTs -

@gorea98 -

@joewu_official -

@Only1Gkash -

@PepeVersX -

@UnboxedParadox -

@VinceNCrypto -

@Yannicbuelow -

YouTube Video ($7,000 in $EGLD)

The winner of the main prize of $2,000 in EGLD is:

@RadReesey -

The 5 winners getting $1,000 in EGLD each are:

@BitcoinCouteau -

@bsuccessful -

@cryptocoinSense -

@SuntMotivat1 -

@XAdvise -

TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts ($5,000 in $EGLD)

The 10 winners getting a prize of $500 in EGLD each are:

@2ndmilsounds -

@b.successful -

@crypto_jonesoff -

@cryptominds_ro -

@georgianabirdan -

@mc__films -

@pgispain -

@thediggersdao -

@vital_dapp -

@xadviseoficial -

Reddit, Facebook Posts ($3,000 in $EGLD):

The following 5 winners will get $600 in EGLD each:

ciprian.constantin.80 -

jo.selvais -

Known_Painter_8177 -

Rubenmihai -

zbbang -

Virality prize ($5,000 in $EGLD)

The 5 winners of $1,000 in EGLD each for the most viral submission are:


@DBCrypt0 -


@BitcoinCouteau -


@criptomonederomaniaa -


Rubenmihai -


@xrubenn29 -

Reward distribution will happen within the following 7 days.

Reaching hundreds of thousands across all platforms, engaging tens of thousands of engaged community members, the HypergrowthX Awareness Campaign proved again that ours is a network of exceptional minds and ideas.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for bringing forth so many incredible ideas!

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July 10, 2023
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