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Mar 8, 2023 • 2 min read

AI-Powered HUMAN Protocol Goes Live on the MultiversX Mainnet to Enhance Efficiency and Scalability for Hundreds of Millions of Micropayments

Daniel Serb
Daniel Serb

The internet's advent has given rise to a new context that allows us to reconsider our approach to work, ushering in an era of heightened productivity. Through the establishment of global networks that facilitate cooperation and information sharing, humans and machines can collaborate seamlessly, resulting in a more streamlined and effective workforce. With blockchain, we are poised to unlock fresh prospects and continue to transform how we engage, exchange, and work.

We are excited to announce that the partnership between MultiversX and the HUMAN Protocol has progressed significantly to aid this transformation. HUMAN Protocol is utilizing MultiversX's cutting-edge blockchain technology to effectively handle the verification and dissemination of tasks at scale.

Additionally, users who execute tasks and complete jobs can now receive payment in HMT (HUMAN Protocol Token) directly through the MultiversX Network. Their token will also be accessible through the xPortal SuperApp and xExchange.

HUMAN Protocol offers a solution for the management, automation, assessment, and incentivization of various types of work. By integrating its infrastructure with the MultiversX Mainnet, HUMAN Protocol can operate its automated global job marketplace with minimal expenses, heightened efficiency, and without throughput limitations.

HUMAN Protocol aims to provide the broadest possible global audience with access to its ecosystem. With the community constantly solving a greater number of tasks, already millions every day, the need for a multichain approach is more evident than ever. As such, we're excited for the launch of HUMAN Protocol on MultiversX, an amazing network with a dedicated community that we are more than happy to welcome into our own. said Andreas Schemm, Ecosystem and Operations Director HUMAN Protocol

Between October-December 2022 alone, workers on the HUMAN App completed over 250 million tasks, proving the scale of demand for the innovative solutions the platform provides. As we move forward, the MultiversX internet-scale Network will facilitate further scale. By being able to dynamically expand the network, MultiversX satisfies the growing demand for transactions, enabling even more tasks and more individuals to participate in the global job market. The growth potential is immensely expanded when combining two complementary technologies with infinite upside.

"Artificial Intelligence is primed to bring a radical and positive change. Before it does that, it needs to learn from humans - at scale. Amazing to see how fast HUMAN Protocol is taking advantage of the hyper-scalable MultiversX infrastructure to push the boundaries of AI training and work in general,” said Beniamin Mincu, MultiversX CEO.

From enabling a new generation of AI to expanding the use cases for on-chain bot protection, we aim to tap into the uniquely flexible nature of the HUMAN Protocol and explore new frontiers.

About HUMAN Protocol Foundation

HUMAN Protocol Foundation is on a mission to usher in the next evolution of machine intelligence: letting machines ask people directly for the data they need to improve, at scale. Focused on teaching computers to be more human, the Foundation democratizes access to machine learning technologies. The Foundation is focused on bootstrapping the infrastructure which has enabled the labeling of massive datasets with hCaptcha, a bot blocking Captcha technology that asks users to label what they see in different images to prove they are human.