January 27, 2022
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Discover The Elrond Universe In 9 Languages Via The Community Driven Elrond Wiki Project And Become A Contributing Member

Elrond has grown beyond a blockchain product and initial set of products and tools, into a vibrant ecosystem of like minded individuals who are using internet-scale blockchain technology to shape the future.

More than 1 million people now have accounts on the Elrond blockchain, 800,000 of which have also downloaded Maiar. For them, hundreds of developers are building 200+ projects, NFTs, marketplaces, resources and tools.

With adoption going parabolic, tracking everything that is going on in the Elrond ecosystem seems almost impossible.

This is why we are excited to put the spotlight on Elrond Wiki - a community driven initiative that aims to cover the entire Elrond ecosystem and make it easily accessible for everyone.

Already available in 9 different languages such as English, French, Romanian, German, Spanish or Korean, the wiki offers a great starting point for discovering the most interesting projects building with Elrond tech, the hottest NFT collections or the latest development tools.

Better yet, anyone can contribute to the Wiki! If you’re building on Elrond, make sure to register your project or product there. And if you are a community member that shares the Elrond builders spirit, go ahead and help curate content or create a new section in your own language! You just need a free SAYME account, the rest is very intuitive.

Become an Elrond Wiki contributor today:

Visit the Wiki:

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January 27, 2022
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