June 13, 2021
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Road To Decentralization: MGStaking, ProCrypto, And Titan Stake Join Elrond As Staking Providers

The start of Elrond Staking Phase 3 has been a tremendous success. The increase in capacity resulted in 63% of the eGold circulating supply being locked for staking and outstanding demand still exists.

As a result, all our official staking partners have seen their capacity filling up quickly. Several new providers have risen to the challenge and have set up their staking pools using the Delegation Manager.

Today we are happy to announce that three of the new players are now officially joining the Elrond ecosystem as staking providers - welcome MGStaking, ProCrypto, and Titan Stake!

MGStaking -

MGStaking has risen from our Validators community and already rallied quite a large customer base around themselves, thanks to their being helpful and supportive in a consistent manner.

Their knowledge about Elrond staking makes them well-positioned to offer staking services and support for customers who are less familiar with the relevant procedures.

“We’ve had the opportunity of actually working with the Elrond team. It was an inspiring experience that filled us with a “changing the world” vibe that we want to be a part of, and help others be a part of, as well.” said Marius Grigoras, MGStaking Founder.

About MGStaking

Our motto is "Secure Staking for a blockchain world" so we strive to offer professional staking services with a focus on security, redundancy, monitoring, and an optimal load balancing of the servers with locations in Europe, the US, and Canada. Our company also offers dedicated Blockchain Software Development and Business Analysis services to customers integrating Elrond tech.

ProCrypto -

ProCrypto is a staking provider utilizing high-end infrastructure to offer premium staking services. The team has a long-standing relationship with our German offices and is committed to supporting the Elrond Network with resources, community education, and business development services to further the growth of the ecosystem.

“The Elrond team has a great strategy. We started looking at the crypto scene in 2009 and have to admit we were skeptical back then. Today Elrond helped us to see a positive future of blockchain technology with their unique approach to an internet-scale blockchain. The team is smart, hard-working, and has accomplished great results.
We like Elrond's tech focus and now we are happy to bring our experience to the network to build the best blockchain infrastructure available. Our mission is to help Elrond grow in popularity globally. Besides operating best in class infrastructure we want it to bring real use cases to the Elrond mainnet” said Axel Landschoof, ProCrypto founder.

Decentralization is something the ProCrypto team lives by themselves. They use a different kind of infrastructure than most other Staking Providers and can provide a global footprint for their servers in different regions of the world. All this adds to the decentralized approach of Elrond and increases the network's security.

About ProCrypto

ProCrypto is a Staking Provider with a track record of running high available and scalable internet and infrastructure projects. The infrastructure as code approach allows them to act fast and flexibly on the Elrond Networks needs. This adds a unique touch to the decentralization of the network. Their highly motivated team has more than 20 years of experience in running critical production infrastructure for DNS, Hosting, and other systems with massive workloads on a petabyte-scale. They offer support in English, Romanian, and German.

Titan Stake -

Titan Stake are early investors in the Elrond Network who staked their long-term holdings for the security of our mainnet since early on. They operate 15 nodes on oversized infrastructure split in multiple datacenters, as per their “zero missed blocks” strategy.

“Traditional staking providers are focused on uptime and security, which we believe are mandatory, but also just the beginning. We selected servers with fast CPU clock speeds and allocated more resources than officially recommended, because we want to be the ones minting all the monster blocks resulting from the Maiar Exchange heavy load.” said Daniel Taranu, Titan Stake Co-Founder.

About Titan Stake

Titan Stake offers an oversized server infrastructure for operating Validator nodes on the Elrond mainnet and offer best-in-class services for customers who share their ethos of a decentralized future powered by the Elrond blockchain.

The addition of new staking providers is important for the decentralization of the Elrond infrastructure and for offering eGold holders additional options for participating in securing our mainnet and bootstrapping our PoS economy.

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June 13, 2021
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