March 16, 2022
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Builders Spotlight: Elrond Ecosystem Dashboard & Tools By Entity

Entity is building a set of tools to help users tame the complexity of the Elrond Network ecosystem and maximize the utility and value of the growing number of platforms, dapps and DeFi opportunities.

Already from the Alpha Version of the platform, the team has made available 4 important tools:

  • Reward Strategies and Staking Provider & Delegator Metrics help users to determine what EGLD staking and Maiar DEX strategies suit them better, by factoring in complexity, risk and opportunity.
  • The Tax Tool reviews wallet transactions over a certain period of time and creates a report with all the taxable events, to help businesses and end-users remain compliant within their respective legislation
  • The Project Launch Monitor tracks upcoming project launches that are on Entity’s radar, and provides useful information about them. Projects can apply to be displayed there.

Soon Entity will progress to the Beta version, which will include an ecosystem accelerator that will support the development of new projects building on Elrond. The product will offer an easy plug & play method for projects to immediately tap into the whole Elrond ecosystem with the help of the Entity suite of tools.

“Entity’s mission is to help users make the most out of Elrond and provide an easy path for new projects to take off into the ecosystem. Our powerful tools will always be easy to use, intuitive, and constantly adapted to the rapidly evolving blockchain protocol and Maiar Exchange products.” said Wolfgang Rückerl, co-founder at Entity.

About Entity

Entity is an augmentative growth engine for the Elrond network, helping users and builders alike to extract the best opportunities directly from the blockchain. It achieves this through a suite of tools that delivers structured data access and seamless interactions with the Elrond blockchain.

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March 16, 2022
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