January 31, 2024
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Day 0 - Operation LightSpeed

23 days » 10 days » Day 0.

Today is about putting things into a new perspective.

About a reset.

Not about a single announcement. But a bigger chapter that begins.

For the ecosystem, the community, and far beyond.

But why?

We are at a fascinating moment in time where the technology we have built, can play an instrumental role and have a significant impact at the intersection of industries, verticals and sectors — both public and private.

A fundamental technology infrastructure that binds together the exponential potential of AI and the Metaverse and grounds it all in a secure, transparent, and cryptographically verifiable reality.

But what compels us to embark on this journey?

Why invest time to build these tools and infrastructure? Why talk with developers? Why build these products? Why nurture and cultivate a vibrant community? Why enter dialogues with startups, enterprises, and governments? Why engage with investors? Perhaps more crucially, why dedicate not only our financial resources, but our very lives and energy to this pursuit?

Why spend countless days and nights, months, and years, pushing the boundaries of human capability?

Why? That is the first question.

Because we strongly believe that technology is the ultimate force for good and its purpose is to improve the world, society, and the lives of those we hold dear.

Because technology enables individuals from all over the world to build and make new things, carve their own paths and forge their own destiny.

Because technology will reimagine and revolutionize education, healthcare, agriculture, food, infrastructure, energy and spur significantly economic growth.

Because through technology, humanity has mastered the earth, built cities and designed civilized societies, and consistently elevated the relative and absolute quality of life, lifespan, and healthspan for the vast majority of people in the world, built rockets that took us to the moon, and stand on the cusp of expanding our reach to the stars, perhaps all within our lifetime.

On this grand arc, we believe blockchains are a fundamental stepping stone for humanity, enabling new levels of coordination, automation and scaling for trust, truth, financial exchange, all with the aim of significantly accelerating global economic growth.

Through MultiversX, we have chosen this path. And come what may, through hell or high water, we will see it through and we will make it happen.


So what is MultiversX?

First, it is an internet-scale blockchain network. Perhaps the most advanced, secure and scalable one in existence. Stewarded by a foundation that exists to accelerate the advent and global adoption of this technology. And served by a group of companies developing and installing the infrastructure, tools and products needed to enable the first phase of wide scale, global ecosystem acceleration, growth, and expansion.

Second, it is a global, vibrant and resourceful ecosystem: of tens of thousands of community members, of hundreds and thousands of builders, startups, companies, partners – all seeking to leverage, integrate and accelerate the adoption of this breakthrough technology.

It’s been 6 crazy and extraordinary years to take things from zero, to this important point, and achieve such a remarkable milestone.

Now, the most interesting period of all is the chapter in front of us.

We have built a technology like no other. It’s time to leverage it and give it maximal use in the world.

Transitioning from the first phase, mobilizing all efforts, igniting momentum, empowering the community and builders, and unleashing a true force of nature for the ecosystem.

This is the next chapter.

Why now?

Throughout the last couple of months and weeks, several layers of the ecosystem have reached a critical mass. Several significant qualitative milestones have been achieved in infrastructure, tools, products, builders and community.

The signal, perspectives, efforts and visions within the ecosystem are reaching a tipping point.

Whether it’s native network upgrades for both consensus performance and golden standards for VM and RUST coding framework.

Or maybe the Sovereign Shards, providing the premise for the most important expansion platform for builders, startups & companies within the ecosystem, significant strategic collaborations within the greater blockchain ecosystem, or reaching companies and enterprises around the world, far beyond our space.

Or perhaps an instrumental native stablecoin which has been in the research and preparation phase for many months now.

Or the remarkable xPortal experience, with the highest native crypto security, onramps, exchanges, a working debit card, app hubs and more.

Or a suite of ecosystem teams and products, kicking things into high gear, with some of their biggest milestones yet.

Or a new global world tour, 10x bigger and better than the one last year, with special focus and efforts for US presence and adoption.

These are all coming together, like never before.

But to achieve a whole new level of velocity, we need to shift gears at an ecosystem level.


Today is about something bigger, more significant, and ambitious. It is about a new phase of the story, aggressively expanding the scope, scale, and force of the MultiversX ecosystem.

A chapter about acceleration - bringing together a wave of hundreds of new milestones, collaborations and announcements that are ready to be unveiled, thousands of new builders and startups ready to be set in motion, and billions about to be unlocked in value, impact and adoption.

What follows is a monster undertaking. If we are to succeed, every bit of effort is crucial and compounding in this phase. A team alone, however great, cannot do it. The ecosystem alone, however great, cannot do it.

It is these two forces put together that unleash a ripple effect unlike any other.

Today is also a call to arms. A call to seize the means and memes of production.

A rallying cry to shift from passive observers, to active players, builders, contributors, and architects of our collective reality.

We have the most advanced technology. During the next 6-12 months, we’ll make the most significant efforts to make sure everyone knows about it and begins to use it.

Across multiple countries, across different fields, across the entire Web3 space

From builders, to users. From big tech enterprises, to government officials.

This is how a systemic, community empowered, ecosystem-scale movement begins.

We call this Operation LightSpeed. And it starts today.

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Beniamin Mincu
Co-founder & CEO

Beniamin Mincu, the co-founder & CEO of MultiversX, is a distinguished tech visionary and one of Europe's early blockchain pioneers. With a notable background as Product & Business at Nem Core in 2014, he subsequently founded and led MetaChain Capital as its CEO. Beniamin continues to shape the future of technology and blockchain with his unwavering vision and leadership.

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Beniamin Mincu
Co-founder & CEO
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January 31, 2024
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