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May 8, 2023 • 2 min read

Cristian Movila Joins MultiversX As Head of Creative

Beniamin Mincu
Beniamin Mincu

The trustless automation of value introduced by blockchain technology is driving change at unprecedented speed, reshaping societal structures and how we interact with everything digital.

While the underlying complexity gets abstracted in UX & UI improvements over time, and as new features are making their way to allow users to engage with the blockchain without even knowing it (i.e meta-transactions), understanding of what’s going on behind-the-scenes has major implications.

That’s why we are in a constant push to find relatable ways of explaining the technology that we are building and how it can significantly improve things. Thus, we are excited to announce that our ongoing efforts will explore new perspectives as Cristian Movila joins the team as Head of Creative.

His work, ranging from photography to organizational storytelling, has been focused on most of the last decade’s conflicts, social issues and world leaders. He was on the ground in Gaza, Georgia, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan and Ukraine, and also sat down with important global figures like Jeff Bezos.

Cristian’s work was featured in some of the world's most prestigious publications, such as The New York Times, National Geographic and Time Magazine.

Cristian is well-versed in the power of storytelling to engage and inspire. With a cumulative experience of over ten years as a creative entrepreneur, he successfully launched the EIDOS Foundation in 2009 as a platform to support cultural projects. In addition to hosting the annual World Press Photo exhibition, the foundation has created the UNFINISHED festival, a global event that gathers creative minds from over 70 countries.

In 2014, Cristian founded Baobab Studio, a creative content studio dedicated to infusing creativity and artistic expression into branding campaigns and communication strategies.

"I am incredibly grateful for having such an exciting challenge in front of me, seeing everything that MultiversX is doing. Beniamin has assembled a team of hardcore builders with a keen eye for merging impactful technologies and human interactions. I'm excited to join their effort and bring a creative touch and aesthetic to the amazing MultiversX ecosystem and enlarge this extraordinary community. I am sure that our collaboration will prove that there are no problems without solutions when a strong team comes together.” said Cristian Movila.

Cristian’s multidisciplinary vision and deep expertise in translating intricate organizational and strategic plans into captivating stories is going to be a unique asset for MultiversX as we continue in our user-first approach to expand the reach of blockchain technology and in our quest to make the new internet economy globally accessible.