May 4, 2023
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Builders Spotlight: Powerful Automated Tools For Yield Farming via Autoscale

DeFi has evolved beyond just exchanging digital assets permissionlessly. Next to unique new primitives, it is now replicating most of the traditional financial market functionalities. With tens of billions of dollars poured into products and protocols, each with its specifics and opportunities.

Although the growth rate stands as a very positive signal, tracking the best opportunities and capitalizing on them in a timely manner has become increasingly difficult and complex. Or at the least, it induces a distancing effect for average users and slowly transforms the ecosystem into a playground exclusively for power users.

This is why solutions where automation does all the work, such as the one developed by Autoscale on MultiversX, are playing an important role in simplifying DeFi and enhancing the experience of average users.

Autoscale aims to replace repetitive operations such as reinvesting/restaking and the constant search for the best yield opportunities with a one-step process through a powerful set of automated DeFi tools.

Essentially, Autoscale will deploy a collection of smart contracts called aVaults on MultiversX, that will run yield strategies on behalf of depositors and do the compounding work at the most optimal frequency.

After having gone through a private beta stage with several waves of users already testing and sharing feedback, the platform has now entered its public beta.

Available on the MultiversX devnet:

Users can currently test out yield optimization and staking, with a third main feature, the zap, which allows users to swap EGLD directly into liquidity pool tokens, scheduled to follow at a later point.

For those willing to dive deeper into Autoscale’s mission and better grasp their available products, more details can be found here:

Users wishing to participate in the public beta and contribute to fine-tuning the platform’s existing features can find out how to do it here:

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May 4, 2023
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