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Audi-backed holoride Makes Its Blockchain Debut On The Maiar Launchpad In November, Marking The First Project To Be Hosted On Elrond’s Strategic Accelerator Platform

The automotive industry is experiencing a technology-driven renaissance. Cars are getting safer, more efficient, autonomous, and equipped with more convenient options for the driver.

The passengers, however, have not been receiving the same attention, and trips are not getting any shorter. The legacy in-vehicle entertainment/comfort options do little to alleviate impatience, boredom, or even car sickness, especially with teens and children involved.

But what if there was a way to make every moment spent in transit into a captivating adventure?

Enter holoride: transforming each car ride into a vivid entertainment and memorable experience

Extended Reality (XR) technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), immersive sound, and haptic feedback set the premise for the riveting next generation of entertainment. holoride brings this technology to the backseat of any car, transforming the passenger travel experience from mundane commutes into vivid, entertaining, and memorable experiences.

In the 2 1/2 years since its inception, holoride has engaged in collaborations with Audi, Porsche, Daimler, and Ford, as well as heavy hitter media companies such as Universal Pictures, Disney, and Discovery Channel.

By shaping the reality around the user to integrate vehicle movement in real-time, as well as adapting the content to trip information such as route and duration, everything will be transformed.

A city traffic commute can be a drone flight through a futuristic city. A boring trip in rainy weather can morph into an exotic underwater expedition. Underground train travel becomes an intergalactic space battle. The seat next to you could be filled by your favorite character in an epic adventure of your choice while you grab an Uber from the airport to a meeting.

Now, imagine for a second what it would mean for this technology to become the prime gateway for interactive on-demand entertainment, extending the addressable market to the global passenger universe and transportation modes.

Enhancing extended reality via the Elrond blockchain: complete transparency and compelling economics

The process of adding Extended Reality to vehicles will be akin to that of adding photography to telephones - a transformation with massive implications and opportunities, but which also comes with a few complex challenges. Bootstrapping a global content marketplace where creators, publishers, advertisers, and car manufacturers are closely aligned is perhaps the most difficult one to address.

But this is where blockchains offer a powerful new solution. By introducing transparency and aligning economic incentives with all involved parties at the core of the marketplace model, the relationship between users, content creators, advertisers, and car manufacturers is reimagined. A new and reinforcing positive feedback loop is thus opened, where transparent, highly granular, precisely targeted, and immediate monetization mechanisms based on actual usage time, ensure a strong relationship of trust among parties, with huge benefits for the user.

This is where Elrond comes in, as perhaps the most scalable blockchain architecture in the world. Elrond is live, delivering >15,000 Transactions per Second (TPS) and able to scale to hundreds of thousands with the demand. Even more important, Elrond offers a series of tools such as a fast WASM VM, useful RUSTust framework, and open SDK that are unparalleled in the blockchain ecosystem, enabling startups and businesses to integrate native transparency, creative token economics, and programmable smart contract logic into their business for the first time in a highly scalable way.

holoride will use the high throughput, inexpensive, and user-friendly Elrond blockchain to enable cars everywhere to rapidly integrate its platform, unhindered by any performance, cost, or user experience barriers. The integration will also enable holoride to create a compelling set of economic incentives such as unique NFTs and social currencies to significantly enhance the user experience.

With concepts such as royalties built into the core protocol of Elrond, the blockchain platform will be a catalyst for all holoride market participants to collaborate in creating and distributing content, while enjoying the economic upsides of engaging the world’s passengers in an automated, fair, transparent and secure manner.

A memorable experience in every car, built on top of internet-scale blockchain performance

Entertainment experiences are about to be reimagined with holoride’s Extended Reality technologies and first-of-its-kind immersive media platform. A new market is opening up with vast opportunities for developers and content creators all over the world.

Transparency and new economic incentives built via the Elrond blockchain offer a new layer of trust that will deeply align interests for users, content creators, media companies, and car manufacturers for the first time, and will significantly enhance user experiences within the holoride ecosystem.

holoride’s novel combination of technologies is set to effectively augment the value of every vehicle, transforming them from a mode of transportation into a gateway device for hyper-immersive entertainment, education, and mindfulness experiences.

This is the future of every car. And of every moving vehicle.
holoride is here. And it will redefine travel experiences forever.

holoride on the Maiar Launchpad in November

We are thrilled to announce that holoride will debut on the Maiar Launchpad, the strategic accelerator for exceptional startups that are building with Elrond Network technology.

Alongside the hardcore holoride team, we are committing significant resources to bring the Metaverse into ever car ride and Elrond technology into every hyperconnected car of the future.

Therefore the public sale is exclusively dedicated to those who are ready to go the full distance and support our long term vision. Simply put, you have to be staking EGLD at the time of the sale to be eligible to participate.

The public sale will take place in November, at a date to be announced in the following days, pending the final decisions that will anchor this special event to a precise point in time.

You can already register for the public sale and perform the KYC process with our trusted partner Synaps.
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