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Sep 20, 2022 • 4 min read

X Day. Paris - It’s time to build!

Beniamin Mincu
Beniamin Mincu
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There is a time when industries, technologies and communities reach an inflection point. When a fresh chapter opens, to mark the dawn of a new era. For the Elrond Ecosystem, that moment is now.

Expanding across geographies, verticals and use cases, we are in a unique position to light the way into the next wave of tech exploration, value creation, and social interactions, where blockchain technology plays an instrumental role.

X Day Paris is the inaugural edition of the Elrond Network annual conference series. In an effort to expand the current Web3 boundaries, we are gathering some of the brightest builders, creatives and thought leaders in the ecosystem to refocus our aims.

What is X Day?

The past, present and future of a remarkable journey. This year’s edition is a kick off event, one meant to redefine the core utility and use cases of blockchains, while blurring the lines between several technology fields, to achieve a unique and unified moment in terms of impact, relevance and adoption paths. The entire event will challenge your imagination, to explore and see a new and improved future.

Building Community Bridges

Featuring ecosystem builders, partners, government officials and enthusiasts, and bringing them all together in a unique and memorable experience that will resonate throughout the entire blockchain sphere, the three-day conference will act as a catalyst designed to accelerate growth.

From spotlighting builders and creatives that innovate using Elrond’s internet-scale blockchain technology, to fruitful discussions on blockchain utility, DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs, and unique networking opportunities with community members and partners, X Day presents the ideal occasion to broaden your Web3 horizons.

What to expect

First Day: Fundamental Building Blocks For Decades To Come

To have a better perspective on where we are, what we are doing, and where we are headed, we need to zoom out and get an overview of what we have accomplished so far. This is why the first day will be dedicated to talks revisiting the Elrond journey, conversations reimagining the foundational products that brought us here, and exploring new products that will reshape the future, opening completely new paths.

Second Day: Reimagining The Future

Some achievements are more important than others, because they bring a net positive impact to society. But all things of value take time. Sustained effort, and energy. Startups are the driving force for technological progress in our world. Get ready for a day of electrifying discussions and talks between industry leaders and innovators, to discover how blockchain technology is creating entirely new business verticals while acting as the coordination mechanism in the new internet economy.

Third Day: Community Champions, Exploratory Spotlights, and Community Awards

We at Elrond believe that strong communities are the bedrock of any movement, and especially Web3. This is why the third and final day will be about the relentless builders, the visionaries, the go-getters, that continuously leverage the unique capabilities of the Elrond protocol to expand the limits of what is possible, and bring a shift in perspective. You’ll be able to interact with the most remarkable Elrond partners, visit their booths, and prepare for the first community awards vote.

To end this exploration, we will have the very first community awards ceremony, and a memorable Elrond community party afterwards.


Why France? Why Paris? The answer is very simple. THE COMMUNITY.

The resourcefulness and thoughtful support of the French community throughout the years has been incredible. Furthermore, the French community has delivered many active and dedicated builders around the Elrond Ecosystem. Some of the most remarkable and impactful projects building on Elrond come from France.

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The three-day event will be livestreamed around the world, but some will be able to join us in Paris. The location we have chosen is Palais Brongniart - the historical French stock exchange building, resembling a Roman temple, a place built to inspire generations of people across the ages. This is an ideal place to unveil a new vision for the future.

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Palais Brongniart – the historical French stock exchange – is an extraordinary location to hold our first conference and all the spaces available have been utilized to the maximum, to accommodate as many people as possible on X Day.

  1. The Auditorium will be the place where each of the keynotes and live sessions will take place, and it will accommodate a maximum of 700 people at a time.
  2. The specially designed and expanded business lounge area will present a unique experience offering the opportunity to participate at all keynotes and panels through high tech live stream on wide screens, while complementing this with a wide range of social and business interactions, along with explorations at the booths area.
  3. An unlimited number of participants from all over the world will be able to join us online via live stream at the very first Elrond event, and 1450 people will be able to participate in person.

X Day tickets can be purchased with both fiat and EGLD starting on the 28th of September, 15:00 UTC.

Final Note. Back to the future.

Every great moment in life can be traced back to one sole inception point. The point where it all began. This is what X Day Paris will be remembered as. The place that kindled new flames. Sparked new ways of looking at old problems. New life changing ideas. New collaborations. New synergies. And above all else, new long lasting friendships.

And this is just the beginning. It’s time to build!

P.S. Event Sponsorship opportunities will become available on Friday, 23rd of September, and a first version of the Agenda will become available on Friday, 14th of October.